Why the Vertx Cutback tactical pants have five hidden pockets

It’s not everyday that you find yourself needing a pair of tactical pants.

I’m usually writing on my laptop in a coffee shop, but I have been known to go turkey hunting, ride all-terrain vehicles in the deep woods, and venture out on hiking trails.

Recently, I tested the Vertx Cutback tactical pants and was surprised to discover how versatile they were for a variety of test conditions. I first went for a long hike but made sure I was using the pants the way they were intended. I pocketed a couple of smartphones, a compass, and some wire just to pretend I needed it — you know, in case I needed to set a tripwire. 

One thing I noticed right away is that the Vertx Cutback are comfortable to wear. I think that’s key with any apparel. I’ve tested tactical pants before that were bulky, heavy, and stiff. The Vertx Cutback are none of those things. They have a slim cut as well, so they don’t seem like dad pants. Wearing them all day, they will feel light and flexible.

There are 14 pockets on these pants, and I had to hunt around (twice) to find them all. Some of the pockets are easy to find and can be used for your phone, a knife, or other gear. Crazy as it is to say, I could not find five of the pockets until I hunted around. They are great for stashing a key, small knife, or other tactical items not meant for the front or back pockets. (Curiously, Vertx does not reveal where the pockets are to maintain the privacy of the customer.)

A few other things about the pants stuck out. The front pockets have a mesh lining so they are breathable and comfortable for your hands if — like me — you tend to put your hands in the pockets. The pants are designed to match your body temperature, so they are both breathable but also stay warm as needed. I felt just right in both warm weather at the office, and on a hike when it was wet and cold. I never felt like I was wearing “professional” pants meant only for people doing field work or who are in the military. They just seemed perfect for hiking to me.

I also wore them to work. Now, this was a true test — if tactical pants can work for a hike or even a military operation, they should also be ideal for wearing at the office. I didn’t feel like these pants had an overtly “technical” look and I fit right in with the other workers.

At $92.99, these are not exactly an impulse buy. I have seen tactical [ants that cost much more and of course you can find pants that are much cheaper. Here’s where the quality stands out. The pants are made to last, with a slight nod to Patagpnia who made a name for themselves by saying their products last a long time. The stitching, lining, and material are all top-notch on the Vertx Cutback and I could imagine this pair of pants lasting for a decade or two.

Do I really need all of these pockets? Maybe not, We have a writer here at Gearadical that has written about “everyday carry” knives (or EDC) and I don’t tend to do that. However, if I was camping or hiking, and needed to trim some wood for a fire, I’d definitely want to wear these. There’s a place for an EDC or two, plus a phone and other gear.

Overall, I liked the Vertx Cutback for just about any chore — and I was impressed with how versatile they are to wear in the office as well.

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