Cozy Earth Silk Pillow review: A heavenly pillow that’s as soft as silk

Technology isn’t always the savior we think it is.

A case in point from a recent pillow test: The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow doesn’t have any Bluetooth connections to help you sleep, doesn’t use fancy high-tech man-made fibers for the filling, and is simply made with a really soft mulberry silk material.

I had to look this up, but it’s kind of fascinating to think about. Mulberry silk, as explained by a blogger I found after a quick Google search, “is made from the cocoon of the Bombyx mori moth. Before metamorphosis, the caterpillar feeds exclusively on the white mulberry leaf—this is one of the reasons why this silk is known for its second-to-none quality.”

I mean, wow. That’s incredible to think about. And, all to help me sleep.

I’ve always heard the phrase “soft as silk” but didn’t really understand it until this review. What it meant for me is that this pillow trumped a previous pillow I reviewed long ago with all of those high-tech features and man-made fibers. While some of us think technology can solve all problems, I’ve found that the best way to get some sleep is when a moth chews on a mulberry leaf.

Sometimes, a bit of comparison can help. Silk is extremely soft but also highly breathable. I know this from testing the pillow over several weeks. Your head just feels like it is resting on air. During my test period, I swapped out pillows with one that has that man-made filling but also a standard pillow with cotton filling. There’s just no comparison. The silk pillow is so fluffy and light, I actually looked forward to going to sleep each night.

There’s a natural wicking that occurs with silk. As you sleep, when your head and body warms up, it can be hard to stay sound asleep, especially if you use a space heater in your room like me. The Cozy Earth Silk Pillow uses a natural moisture-wicking process, not aided by technology but simply in how the silk can ward off heat naturally as you sleep.

I tested the king-sized version, which was long enough to stretch from one side of a twin mattress to the other (I sleep on a king-sized bed that is essentially two twins put together). That elongated size was nice during restless nights because your head won’t fall off to the side. I recommend skip[ping the typical Target pillow that is shorter for that reason alone.

Cozy Earth also sent a matching pillowcase for me to test, and combined with the pillow, the entire set is well worth the investment. I’ve tested quite a few pillows over the years (and mattresses) and this is easily my favorite in recent tests.

I should mention the price here. I took a trip to Target to compare the standard pillow prices out there, which tend to run about $80 or so. The king-sized version of the Cozy Earth Silk Pillow costs $263.20 right now, which might seem like a hard pill(ow) to swallow. It’s not. Some of the products we use in life are worth spending more on. This is something I’ll use for eight hours per day while I sleep. I’m a big fan of the quality, the materials…and the sleep.

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