Ecoxgear SoundExtreme SE26 Soundbar review: Light up your life with great sound

Generally, I’m a fairly even keeled kind of guy. However, after using the SoundExtreme SE26 for just a few minutes I’m gushing to my wife about it and waking my kids up for a dance party! This speaker is literally just that cool.


Within moments of pulling the SoundExtreme from the box its already flashing lights to music. It is that easy to set up. I simply plug it in and hit the power button. I tap the Bluetooth on my phone and I’m playing music before I’ve even finished getting the rest of the instructions out of the box. While the instructions are easy to follow and helpful, the SoundExtreme is intuitive to use. The buttons are simple and their functions clear. The instructions help with a few of the finer features, or troubleshooting Bluetooth if it doesn’t connect as quickly as my experience. The fact that it comes with a remote is complete icing on the cake.

I noticed a slight white noise hissing when first loading a song, but after that it was pure sound power. It quickly proved that it has the capacity to fill an outdoor space with sound volume and quality. I’m not an audio technician, but even I appreciate the excellent speakers. Every song I play sounds great coming through with 500 watts of power on two tweeters, four mids, and two side facing woofers. Regardless the song or genre, each track plays with crisp powerful clarity.

The back lit speakers and rear facing light bar enhance the moment and add a visual element to the listening experience. The 280 lumen LED rear facing light bar has five light modes (red, yellow, and white in a high, mid, and low setting) and operates independently of the backlit speakers. I love how the LED backlit speakers can synch to the music (I think I may even like this feature more than my kids!). It just adds so much energy to the listening experience. The backlit speakers can also display solid colors (green, red, white, blue, and fading), or remain off.

Additional Features:

The SoundExtreme comes with waterproof 12v auxiliary power connections. It also includes waterproof Aux In for connecting to a wired device and an Aux Out jack for other optional wired speakers. Weighing in at eleven pounds, its clear this soundbar is durable. The marine-grade speakers with patent pending enclosures provide a 100% waterproof, dust proof, and mud proof audio experience. The two internal independently sealed cavities provide a true left and right stereo sound.

Shockingly, you can connect up to 50 SoundExtreme soundbars through the EcoCast feature! I was impressed that it also includes EcoTalk. EcoTalk lets you take calls, or activate your Voice Assistant (i.e. Siri or OK Google). The speakerphone on the SoundExtreme hears your voice commands and transfers them to your device. So you can use the speaker for all these features while your phone is safely tucked away. It even has an FM option – something my Father-In-Law would love. (Hint: something to keep in mind as Father’s Day is going to be here before you know it!).


There is still snow on the ground, yet I’m already envisioning lighting up summer nights with the EXOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26! With the included hardware for mounting the speaker the possibilities are almost endless. Boats, UTV’s, ATV’s, Golf carts, (the kids playhouse) the list goes on. ECOXGEAR bills itself as the number one portable outdoor speaker company in North America. The SoundExtreme SE26 soundbar is their proof! It is powerful, durable, and 100% waterproof, dust proof, and mud proof. The abundance of features is sure to meet almost every outdoor speaker need, and exceed expectations.

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