Ekrin B37 Massage Gun review: Quality and dependable

The massage gun market has boomed in the last couple of years by lead brands such as Hyperice and Therabody. If you watch the NBA or NFL, you see top athletes using these devices before games. If it works for them, it works for you and I, right? My exercise routine includes a variety of cardio from running to basketball with friends and focused lifts to exercise specific muscle groups. Nothing near the rigor of those NFL and NBA pro athletes, but enough to make my muscles sore. I spent a couple of weeks using the B37 Massage Gun before and after my workouts. Does the quality of this bowed massage gun stand out among the crowd?

Design Quality

Ekrin Athletics, was founded in 2019 by two college athletes. Their mission is simple, to improve athletic performance through muscle recovery and injury prevention. Today they offer four different massaging devices from their entry level, compact BANTAM to the premium B37S.

From the beginning, Ekrin knew they had to stand out to make a splash in the market. One way they did so was with their signature 15 degree ergonomic design. The slight bend in the design helps the user reach more difficult spots, specifically the upper back. While I like the functionality of compact massage guns like Roll Recovery’s R1, the B37 is easier to hit those hard to reach spots. The percussion gun has one button: a power button on the top. Next to the power button are two arrays of LED indicators. Four battery level indicators and five motor speed lights.

The B37 comes in just one color: a metallic-finished aqua with a matte black handle. Weighing 2.2 pounds, the handle needs to feel secure and comfortable for use. Throughout my review, the B37 felt good in my hand and secure when gripping the matte-finished handle. Perhaps an obvious design feature, but it proves that Ekrin put the time in to think about ergonomics with this one. The B37 model comes in a zipped-carrying case that fits all the accessories, device, and charger into neat compartments.

Ekrin B37 Massage Gun with four attachments and charging adapter.
Ekrin B37 Massage Gun with four attachments and charging adapter.

Performance Quality

This device is a work horse. Everything about the B37 feels heavy duty and has the performance to back it up.

First, the battery in this massage gun is the best I have tested. Of course, the bigger the product the bigger the battery. So to compare it to others I have tested could be apples and oranges. On the product description, Ekrin claims an outstanding eight hour battery life. Obviously, that number depends on which speed settings you use the gun at. Overall, the battery exceeded my expectations. With massage guns, I’m typically not using them for extended periods of time so the battery level is fairly out of mind while I’m using it. The device is charged by a 26 V DC power adapter. However, I would have liked to see the ease of universal USB-C offered with this device (read my latest review for more on my love for USB-C).

The B37 features a brushless motor that operates at five-speeds. Ranging from 1400-3200 RPM, each speed setting offers different recovery focuses. Ekrin provides a guide to which attachments to use at each speed setting as well as a muscle target guide. For beginners or those looking for new techniques, Ekrin has plenty of helpful information included. My go-to attachment is definitely the Round (foam) head for general, large-muscle group use.

Ekrin is so confident in the performance and quality of the product that they offer a lifetime warranty. I love to see when companies like Ekrin, offer lifetime warranties to prove their commitment to excellence in both product and service which is always a win for us consumers. Overall, the B37 backs up its quality, durable design with a powerful, high quality, motor and battery to match.


Accessories, attachments, changeable speeds, and reliable charging. I have come to expect these features when testing massage guns (see my Bob and Brad C2 review). So with similar features to other devices, what sets Ekrin’s B37 massage gun apart? The answer is it’s all around heavy duty build. The B37 is a work horse for those looking for a strong, dependable massage gun. However, with its hefty weight comes a hefty price tag of $229.99. With the B37’s powerful motor and long lasting battery, this percussion gun is for those looking to upgrade from underperforming massage guns or willing to spend a premium for a quality, made to last device that will get them back to the sports, exercise, and lifestyle they love.

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