Roll Recovery R8 Plus review: It’s time you stop ignoring muscle recovery

Like many, I’m all for working out and taking care of myself. However, you’re not going to catch me spending hours on end in the gym each day. So when I do workout, I make sure it counts. Of course, my body is left remembering that I “made it count” days later. Roll Recovery saw the market’s need for recovery performance equipment and put the pedal to the metal with the R8 Plus.

First Impressions and Unboxing

At first glance, I was welcomed by an excellent unboxing experience from Roll Recovery. Users will notice the high build quality of the roller as well as instructions to start using the product. Roll Recovery’s went above and beyond in the unboxing experience and even included a personalized note as well as stickers.

It’s clear that this company values their customers and is committed to growth through honest, grassroots feedback. One way that goal is clear is through their 1 year warranty on all products. According to the website, if there is an issue with the product users can send the item back for repair or replacement. Finally, one additional feature is that the R8 Plus comes with a custom fitting hex-driver to ensure user repairability. Roll Recovery’s website even offers safety and repair videos for users. That’s pro-consumer, and when you pair that level of care with the attention to detail of the unboxing experience, it’s hard not to become a fan of what Roll Recovery is doing here.

Design and Safety

The bow-like design of the R8 Plus is lined with two high-strength springs that adjust with desired tension. The R8 Plus improves upon the design of its predecessor, the R8 by offering flexibility to adjust desired tension and pressure. This additional feature makes the R8 Plus a great option for sports teams, gyms, and active families by being able to adjust to a wider variety of workouts. The R8 Plus comes in three sharp color ways: Alpine White, Carbon Black, and Lava Red.

One word of caution when using the roller is to be mindful of potential pinch points. While the product is designed to reduce chance of accidental injury, the underside of the springs being exposed as well as the tension-adjust rollers would feel uncomfortable to say the least if a finger got stuck in them. Overall however, I felt confident in the safety of this product. In addition, the R8 Plus is a registered FDA device. While there are guidelines to using muscle rollers and percussion massage guns such as the R1, Roll Recovery offers plenty of suggested techniques to minimize chance of injury while rolling.

Use and Performance

I decided I’d put this product to the test by doing leg-day followed by a 5k race a few days later. After using the R8 Plus for a few days mainly targeting quads and calves, I concluded that it passed the test. I typically focus on stretches and heart rate cooldowns for workout recovery, but pairing that routine with deep tissue rolling was really a game changer. I noticed over multiple uses that when paired with consistent exercise, muscle recovery times were significantly cut down. If you’ve ever held yourself back from going to exercise because you’re not sure how you’ll feel later, this roller is here for you.

Price and Final Takeaway

Roll Recovery’s R8 Plus builds upon the design of the original R8 by offering greater flexibility and adjustments to better cater to a wide range of athletes. The R8 and R8+ work great for college and high school athletes, weekend warriors, and anyone looking to just simply take care of their body. At $169.00, the R8 Plus is not a cheap addition to your workout recovery toolkit (particularly when Roll Recovery offers a percussion gun at $129.00). While I do prefer the price point of the R8 at $139.00, the R8 Plus is clearly the superior choice for committed athletes, sports teams, and active families with multiple users. With excellent performance and build quality, Roll Recovery is here to stay in the sports medicine and rehab industry.

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