The Lincoln Navigator rear touchscreen is a music lovers dream

I’m always on the look-out for unique features I’ve never seen in any car before.

The 2022 Lincoln Navigator Black Label is one such example. In the rear seating area, there’s a small touchscreen used to control the climate settings, adjust audio, and even crank up the seat massage. That’s highly unusual on its own, since I rarely see seat massage as an option with the rear seats (let alone the front seats).

I tested all of the options, sitting in the back while parked at the mall. My first test involved the amazing sound system. I cranked up a few of my favorite bands like Pink Floyd and The War on Drugs. You are absolutely enveloped in sound in the backseats. Being able to connect your phone and then select the music you want, skip tracks, adjust the volume, and have full control over your music is quite an accomplishment, impressing even a jaded car journo like myself.

One thing I noticed testing audio — you feel like a boss. You can punch in any artist and then listen like you are a celebrity. I pulled up one of my favorite test songs by The war on Drugs and was transported to another realm entirely. I could see going on long drives sitting in the rear and watching movies, listening to classic rock music, or catching up on my audiobooks. I guess I just need someone to drive me around (who is also approved to drive press cars).

Next, I tested the message settings, switching between a rolling and intense massage and one that was more subtle. Interestingly, every Navigator owner receives a complimentary subscription to the Cal app, which matches the massage feature perfectly.

Being a product tester like myself, I wanted to see what the message was like using that app. I soon discovered I had to pay for the privilege but did try a couple of free options that involved breathing exercises that are free in the app. I tilted my head back and felt a sense of peace come over me, worth the time invested to sit idle in a parking lot.

You can also enable seat warmers and coolers for the rear seats. Fun fact on that, I am not a big fan of either, but I really don’t like seat coolers in any car. I can understand if you live in the south and its incredibly hot out, but I’d normally just crank up the AC then. In winter, I use seat warmers on occasion but tend to be so bundled up and warm from my clothing that I don’t tend to use them. It’s nice that you can control the settings.

I was also impressed by the climate settings, mostly because it was all right there at my fingertips and not hard to figure out how to make adjustments. 

Again, it’s unusual to have climate settings in a touchscreen like this in any vehicle; the fact that Lincoln made it so easy and intuitive to use makes it even more impressive because it’s not only innovative and new, but also practical and useful. I don’t recall seeing this option in a Navigator before let alone any recent SUV test where there’s a dedicated touchscreen. 

For me, that’s a lot of firsts.