The Osprey Siskin 12 pack is exactly what every cyclist needs

I’m an avid cyclist, and I just moved to a new area. The fun of exploring bike trails and getting lost on purpose is only hampered by the fact that it is quite hot and sunny.

In the past, I’ve used an older water pack — one you wear on your back that holds water but also allows you to stuff in an extra pair of gloves, a rain jacket, and even a laptop.

The Osprey Siskin 12 is a biking hydration pack that you wear while on the move, and it is really intended for people who are pushing themselves on a road bike. There’s space enough for my biking gear, but mostly I used the Siskin 12 as a hydration alternative.

The problem with using a water bottle, by the way, is that you have to reach down and grab one, and the capacity is limited. With the Siskin, I’ve tested it on many trips now, and I have never run out of water. Of course, that’s a decision to make. The more you fill it, the more you will be weighed down. I have a favorite spot to refill on one of the trails in my area, so I typically fill it about halfway. The best way to go?  I typically also add a good amount of ice as well, so the water is nice and cold for the entire ride, even up to 20 miles or so.

Filling the 2.5-liter reservoir is super easy. It snaps out of the pouch altogether and is held tight by a seal so I never had any issues with water spilling out or leaking.

The bag has a holder for your helmet as well, which is a great way to store it when you are not on a ride. You never have to wonder where you stashed your helmet, it is clipped to the bag. I tend to do road biking mostly but I have a second mountain bike as well. The Siskin is designed for those who need extra multi-tools to adjust your bike, and there’s one large storage pouch.

And, the bag is durable. I’ve done many trips now in my area, dropped the bag next to an outdoor coffee shop table, and tossed it into a storage closet without any issues. Another feature I like is that the bag stays put when you ride. (That other bag I mentioned which is meant more for a laptop and other gear, tended to bounce around a bit at times.)

What it means is that the Siskin 12 is meant for serious riders like me. I went on one trip of about 20 miles and never felt tired or thirsty on the entire trip. What is readily accessible will be used, and that is true when it comes to easy hydration packs like this.

What would I change? I’m not sure. At, we usually like to point out at least one thing we don’t like as much about every product, but I couldn’t think of anything with this one. Maybe the red version is not my thing? Even then, Osprey didn’t do bright bold colors that make you stick out like a candle, so that’s a good thing.

Overall, I’m a big fan of this pack and highly recommend it to any rider.