This Backcountry MTN Air Hooded Jacket is my favorite for early fall

I’m entitled. There, I admit it.

But most of us are. We like to be comfortable, and we like to find the best solution to a given situation. These micro-adjustments we make for our own accommodation are not necessarily a bad thing — it’s trying to figure out what works the best in life. (Of course, you can take this way too far.) In my case, I’m always trying to find the right product for a given scenario. I like the Apple AirPods Pro for listening to music — they work the best for the price. I prefer certain products for camping, hiking, and even what I wear to the office.

A recent find is the Backcountry MTN Air Hooded Jacket. The jacket is perfect for exactly this time of year — right before the actual cold weather hits in the fall, and long before we have to don winter jackets. It’s really great for many early fall activities because it’s so light.

I started out using the jacket on bike rides, even when it was still about 70-degrees. A bike is about 10-degrees cooler because of the wind in many cases, so this jacket was just right for me. It also meant I could peel off the jacket and stash it in my water bag without adding any heft.

Playing a few rounds of disc golf, I noticed the jacket has some great moisture wicking capability — not overdone, not too thick, and not even waterproof. It’s meant to be a light jacket you can remove and carry with you easily. When a light rain fell on my walk to a downtown office, I noticed the jacket is obviously treated to withstand moisture. The jacket just did not get wet; instead, the water beaded-up like it was a rain shell.

I really liked where they have the pockets situated. They are not the big gaping holes you find on so many other jackets. I could stash a water bottle, keys, and other items in the slim but deep pockets, then zip up easily. I’ve tested countless jackets over the years and some of the side pockets are way too big and bulky, some are too small and meant for only keeping a few dollars and your phone. The Backcountry MTN Air Hooded Jacket is just right.

I like the fit as well. It’s not one of those jackets that is so tight that you can’t move around at all (meaning, it’s meant for a workout), and it’s not baggy at all. The look is slim and contoured, but not so contoured that you wouldn’t want to go for a hike or go biking.

A wonderful discovery is that this jacket folds into itself. There’s a zippered pocket you use for folding the jacket into and then can carry or store in a tight little ball.

I’m not going to say this is the perfect jacket. When the rain really started coming down, I was cold. That’s okay — if my definition of being entitled is accurate the jacket is not supposed to keep you warm in that condition. It’s light, airy, keeps away the light rain, and is meant for a specific time of year — right about now. So it does exactly what it is supposed to do.

I’m sold. I have a couple of other early fall biking and hiking jackets, but I have now ditched those and put them in a closet in my basement. 

The Backcountry MTN Air Hooded Jacket is my go to for this time of year.

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