The Knead KC01 office chair hits all the right places

Photo Credit: Knead

Age is a painful thing to accept sometimes. Literally. I’m just over 40 and suddenly my back often decides when it wants to work and when it wants to give up and cause me significant problems. I don’t like it and I doubt many of you do. This is why ergonomics and proper posture matters. Maybe it doesn’t so much when you are young, but life takes its toll, and I still want to be an active individual. In hopes to protect my back going forward, I’ve been testing several office chairs. Most recently, I was able to test an office chair from Knead furniture. The Knead KC01 seeks to hug the back and offer great lumbar support – at an affordable price.


Too often, office chairs get caught up in trying to look the part for professionals and lose the game in comfort. The reverse happens too though. I’ve sat in some really comfy chairs that I wouldn’t choose to have sitting in my home let alone my office. Some of us don’t get to control these options as corporate hands down what they choose to purchase for employees. Some of us who work from home need to find the right style and the right fit at the right price. This is usually the kicker – price. I can literally spend thousands of dollars on a chair, and while my first paragraph sounds like I’m willing to invest those dollars, my bank account whines about it. It’s hard to justify some of the prices out there.

The Knead KC01 hits the sweet spot on both price and design. Unquestionably. I usually don’t get into price for reviews as I like to let the audience make their own decision. Everyone is in a different position financially – so ultimately my opinion on the cost of something shouldn’t truly matter. It’s rare to find a chair for $450 bucks though. Especially one that looks this good. The chair is approachable and refined – modern and sleek. It comes in black or white (I tested the white) and stands out just enough to look professional without bragging. It shines in a room and fits well with most decor. I give Knead a definitive A on the design of this product.

After a quick and easy build, I discover this chair also has some decent adjustment options with adjustable seat depth, back lock and arms that adjust in 4 directions. Obviously, this allows me to find the perfect fit for my desk and comfort alike. My old office chair did not allow for seat depth, and when I use it, I find myself having to constantly adjust my body instead of the chair for maximum comfort. The arms adjust a bit quick, so sometimes I overshoot my destination, but all in all with a little patience this isn’t a big deal for me.


Comfort is key in the end. A chair can have all the bells and whistles out there, but it needs to hug just right. This is where I can’t truly decide how much I love the Knead KC01. It’s comfortable, but my initial reaction is that the back does not have enough padding. I was a bit surprised to find my back immediately sink through the material and rest on the supports.

The supports end up being in the right spot, though more lumbar support is needed. During a few gaming sessions I try to focus on how my back feels. I can sit for hours in it without complaint overall, but again, I do wish the back had better or more padding. The comfort is still there – the support is definitely there. There is just not as much padding as I prefer. My back certainly isn’t complaining so that is always a good thing. Plus, I can still adjust a ton of areas to ensure my body is positioned in the best way possible.

I enjoy sitting back during certain conference calls, so the back lock allows me to adjust the chair to a leaned back position when I don’t have much to participate in. Otherwise rocking it back and forth is easy and not too loose to where I feel like I’ll fall backwards.


So who needs a Knead? Finding a chair isn’t easy now days, particularly with the costs out there. The budget conscious consumer will find this chair to be overall satisfying. If you are looking for a lot of padding – particularly on the back (the seat is just fine) there may be some overall disappointment in the Knead KC01. If you want a stylish chair that gives decent support and don’t want to break the bank, then you will have no problem with this piece.

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