X-Chair X1 Flex Mesh Office Chair review: One of the best out there

In search of a great office chair? What about a great gaming chair? The reality is the best office chair is typically a better gaming chair than most “gaming chairs”. I felt this way years ago when I tested the Mavix chair (advertised for gamers but really is more of an office chair) as well. My current office chair is a Herman Miller, but it doesn’t give me great lower back support. I went in search of chairs, and the X-Chair X1 Flex Mesh Office Chair stood out to me. It fit my needs on paper, so I opted to test one out, and it is unquestionably better than what I had.

Unboxing and Building

The X-chair X1 is not a complex build. The company provides everything I need right in the box right down to the right size screwdriver and Allen wrench. The chair is packaged in a way that will prevent any type of damage to the mesh or metal. Thankfully, they include instructions that are easy to follow and don’t have me teaching new terms to my children out of frustration. The chair fits together well and I have it up and “running” in roughly 15 minutes. Now I can let the real testing begin, but first an overview of materials.

The X-chair X1 Flex Mesh Office Chair is just that – a mesh office chair made with flexible fabric that “allows you to feel like you are floating on air”. I guess that’s why it gets its name. The mesh is supported by a solid metal frame and a combination of metal and plastic armrests. Nothing about the chair feels cheap or gimmicky. That’s not to say parts can’t be improved upon, but more on that later.

All Day Comfort

Sitting in the X1 indeed does make me feel like I’m floating on air. My initial sit makes me a tad nervous about what I will write though. I feel like I am going to get dumped forward out of the chair as the seat seems to be too close the lumbar support. A quick chat with Customer Support ends my fears within seconds. Literally seconds. The CS team sends me a vid on adjusting the seat to my liking, and I suddenly realize this chair is more customizable than I initially thought.

Thanks to Dynamic Variable Lumbar (DVL) support, the chair adjusts automatically depending on how I sit back in it. My previous Herman Miller Chair did not have this. Additionally, the recline, height, seat depth, back height, and arm rests are all adjustable. I set the lumbar support height at just the right spot for my mild sciatica and “ahh”. What a difference. I appreciate the X-Chair site as well. There is a lot of information on proper ergonomics to ensure good posture during use. The older I get, the more this is important to me.

My chair has a headrest (optional for additional cost) that I don’t find I use much. I like it though because if I do just need to totally sit back for a break, it’s support is wonderful. I just wish it stayed in place a bit better. It tends to move all the way down and I find myself adjusting it often during use. The chair I have also came with optional cooling, heat, and massage. For an extra $150 you can have this too. Is it worth it? I didn’t really think so at first. Then I threw out my lower back putting docks in the lake a few weeks ago. Worth it. It isn’t amazing by any means, and the “massage” is just vibration, but it is a nice feature to have. I can easily recharge it via USB, I just wish the cable for it were a bit longer to do so.

All of the adjustments allow me to get to a spot where I am supremely comfortable. The breathable mesh helps keep me cool while I sit on “air”. The lumbar support is decent, though I could use a bit more pressure with my latest back problems. Leaning back is great, and the adjustable arm rests allow me to rest my hands and arms in the most comfortable position whether working or gaming. Hopefully X-Chair will upgrade the arm rest adjustability. Adjusting the arm rests up and down can be a bit of a task. They adjust quickly and getting them even (height) isn’t difficult but almost always takes multiple tries. When things are adjusted properly though, I can rest easy and my body thanks me for it.

Bottom Line

The X-Chair X1 Flex Mesh Office Chair is a great option with fantastic customization and support options. It is hands down better than the Herman Miller Aeron chair work provided for me and worth every penny for the upgrade. I find myself sitting more than ever while working from home, and a great office chair is an absolute must. Minus a few adjustment flaws, this chair is one of the best we’ve tried out. If Flex Mesh isn’t for you, X-Chair offers even better options for material on their website as well.