Turtle Beach Stealth Pro review: The best gets better

There really isn’t competition when it comes to Xbox headsets. Turtle Beach rules them all. The Microsoft set itself is certainly decent, but I’d still take the last year’s Stealth 700 Gen 2 Max over it. The point is, if you want the best Xbox headset there is turn to the Stealth series. With the recent release of the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro? They can’t be beat.

I have to confess – I’m late getting this review out, but there is a reason for it. Once I saw all the positive reviews rolling in, I wanted to scrutinize. I didn’t want to go along with the crowd. So, I waited and tested for longer than usual hoping to find a fatal flaw. Spoiler – I didn’t find it.


The design is basic which is exactly what it should be. Turtle Beach markets these cans as a headset beyond that of just gaming. It should be something you can take with you for your phone and other devices. While I don’t think this is the optimal design for airline travel, they are much better than prior models. I prefer a bit slimmer form factor for public use, but I’m awfully tempted to throw that by the wayside based on how good these sound. Silver and black dominate the set which includes internal microphones and a removable boom microphone that has much better pickup.

Photo Credit: Turtle Beach

Ultimately, I’m just happy with the minimalist design and logo. If I do choose to wear these out, they don’t necessarily scream “gamer”. They simply make a bold statement that if you try to talk to me, I probably won’t be hearing you. The right earcup has all the buttons including power, Bluetooth, ANC (surrounded by a volume control dial), and Superhuman Hearing mode which we have all come to expect from this brand. The USB-C charging port is also here, though you probably won’t be using it much thanks to included swappable batteries. The left earcup contains the boom mic slot and a removable compartment for said battery.

Sound, Connectivity, and Comfort

The sound is truly where the Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headset shines. Turtle Beach brags the Stealth Pro 50mm Nanoclear drivers contain 56% more surface area compared to 40mm drivers. I hear it and I feel it. These drivers allow for a wider soundstage, and the bass bangs. I’m now immersed in my game versus just “playing a game”. They are fun to wear and feel like an experience. If you have never gamed with a headset, these will literally make you feel what you have been missing. Don’t blame me for the tear of joy that streams down your cheek.

I listen to quite a bit of music during my workday, and wearing headphones is a given as I am frequently hopping into conference calls in between songs. Part of what makes the Stealth Pro so approachable is the multiplatform use it offers. The Xbox version connects to my PC, Xbox (Series X/S or One), PS4/5, Mac, Switch, and any other Bluetooth enabled device. This means I can connect it to my phone and PC at the same time thanks to Bluetooth 5.1 capabilities. I think I get the best sound out of the PC option simply because I use the Turtle Beach Audio Hub, but similar software exists for Apple and Android devices, making this set more versatile than ever.

Additionally, ANC is massively improved and customizable over prior models from Turtle Beach. The button on the side of the ear cup makes switching it on much easier as well (both the volume wheel and ANC button are remappable too!). I actually prefer the Noise Cancellation on these over the Arctis Nova Pros, and that’s saying something. ANC is adjustable up to 25dB. I find myself keeping the max setting during work, and I can instantly tell when it’s turned on. This isn’t the case for so many other headphones out there.

From a comfortability standpoint, the Stealth Pro’s are a cut above the previous model. The Stealth 700’s were just too tight, whereas these hug the sides of my head nicely. I still think they look a bit bulky, but in the end, comfort is more important to me. I can wear them for a few hours at a time before I feel like I need a break.

Battery Life

Turtle Beach’s Stealth Pro headset is the first in their lineup to offer a swappable battery system. That’s right, two batteries are provided with a charging dongle that allows for a quick switch up when levels get low. The dongle doubles as the 2.4Ghz connection for consoles or PC – a nice touch for convenience. Each battery lasts for a little over 12 hours in my experience, giving gamers the illusion of eternal battery life. It’s glorious.

Bottom Line

No fatal flaw – period. The Turtle Beach Stealth Pro headset is hands down the best console headset and arguably PC headset on the market. Crystal clear customizable sound, swappable batteries, adjustable (not to mention stellar) ANC, and an adjustable/removable boom mic should make this the gaming headset of choice for many gamers. It certainly will give Steelseries a run for their money. I love competition. Keep it going Turtle Beach.