Vessi’s Everyday Classic is a must-have for every rainy season

The waterproof Vessi Everyday Classic shoe could not have arrived at my doorstep at a better time. I had previously been getting instagram ads of the shoe almost on a daily basis. In the ad, it shows a woman walking her dog in the rainy weather, rinsing off her muddy shoes under a spigot of water. Most of my social media ads know just the product to get my wallet out, but this one was on another level. 

There are three main reasons why I was counting down the days until my package arrived. First, the weather in Minnesota has definitely taken a turn. With so many rainy days on the forecast, I knew it would be the perfect time to try them out. Secondly, my husband and I had recently added a puppy to our family. If you’ve ever owned a dog, specifically a puppy, you know that they need consistent exercise on a daily basis. My basic rain boots were no match for those long walks on rainy days and I knew I needed a solution. Lastly, as a white sneaker fanatic, I wanted an upgrade that could last longer than my previous pieces. As someone who has gone through three pairs of white converse, it was time to look at options that could withstand the sludgy Autumn seasons without getting irreversibly stained. 

What sets Vessi’s Everyday Classic apart from other sneakers

Vessi’s Everyday Classic shoe is an athletic sneaker that uses 100% waterproof Dyma-tex® technology. The shoe was created with thousands of nano-sized pores that are actually small enough to keep out water but still allow for breathability. The sole features a VZero2 cushioning midsole that is removable and lightweight. The knit of the shoe is actually temperature regulating and is incredibly flexible. All in all, not only is the shoe completely waterproof, it allows for air flow and is seriously comfortable. For me personally, I’ve never met a shoe that checked all those boxes.

Sizing and comfort 

I ordered my true size 9 and found that it worked perfectly for me. The material of the shoe is quite flexible and molds to your feet. I find that this helps bridge gaps in sizing and it makes finding your perfect fit a tad easier. 

Something I noticed right away about the Vessi Everyday Classic is how comfortable and easy it is to wear. With my high arches, my feet usually start to ache by the end of the day. However, the soles supported me all day long without any aches or pains. I could see these shoes being perfect for anyone who has an active job or lifestyle. Through long walks and hikes, playing volleyball, and just daily activities, the Vessi’s held up great and kept me comfortable. 

Care and upkeep

The best part of these shoes are how easy they are to take care of. All that’s required is running them under warm water and gently scrubbing them with a sponge or cloth with a mild detergent. Although my previous white sneakers still have stains after repeatedly trying to scrub them out, my Vessi’s had a different outcome. I’m happy to report that the mud stains I got from taking my dog on a hike were easily removed after following the care instructions

Overall thoughts

The Vessi Everyday Classic is definitely a win for me. I’m trying my best to refrain from purchasing their other waterproof options like their Soho Sneaker or the Weekend Sneaker. My only critique is that I could use a little tab on the back to help slip them on, but other than that, they are perfect for everyday use. Also keep in mind that while these are remarkably breathable for a waterproof shoe, they still have a bit of added heat in comparison to my traditional sneakers. I find they work best for low impact workouts like walking or hiking.

The fact that these shoes are truly waterproof, is such a game changer. Even this very morning I took my dog for a walk in some serious downpour. Being able to walk through a puddle in my sneakers was a great feeling. Having dry feet is something we all take for granted. I’m grateful I don’t have to worry about squishy socks when I have my Vessi’s on.