How the Momcozy Video Baby Monitor is such a game changer

There comes a time in every new parent’s life where they need to back up slowly from the bassinet and kick their feet back and relax. (Okay, or fold the laundry). 

Baby monitors have become an essential for all parents with the ability to keep an eye on the baby wherever you are in the house. The Momcozy Video Baby Monitor makes it easy on parents who need to multitask while also ensuring their little one is safe and snoring away. 

When searching for a baby monitor myself, I knew I wanted one that has good performance with clear video resolution and was not dependent on Wi-Fi (which can drop out at times). An added bonus is that, since this monitor uses Bluetooth, it can’t be easily hacked.

The Momcozy monitor allows you to adjust the height, zoom, and range of the camera. It can zoom in 2x or 4x. So there’s no need to wake a sleeping baby by trying to manually adjust the camera. The zoom feature allows you to place the camera up to 960-feet away in range from your crib or bassinet, and still see your little one in a clear, perfect view. 

With this long length in range, you can place the monitor’s camera nearly anywhere in a baby’s room. I have been blown away by the high quality resolution and night vision capabilities. The monitor picks up the slightest sounds your baby is making so you will hear every coo and sigh. The 5-inch display is just the right size, and lights up when there’s detected sound .

An essential feature for a newborn is that the temperature of where they’re sleeping is always displayed on the screen on the monitor. Rest assured, you’re able to feel secure that your newborn isn’t becoming too hot or cold in their bassinet with the ever-changing seasons outside. 

You’ll also be assured that the baby monitor won’t stop working in the event that the Wi-Fi disconnects at night, since it uses Bluetooth instead. That’s a game-changer. 

Additionally, for older babies who sleep in a crib in their nursery, the Momcozy monitor mounts to the wall for convenience. It also provides two-way audio to speak to your busy toddler from any room in the house while also having the feature to play pre-recorded lullabies from the camera itself. For those with multiples, you are able to add additional cameras (up to four total) and split the screen to a dual monitor so you can keep a close eye on every child using only one device.

Over the last month of using this baby monitor, I can attest that it was exactly what I was looking for. The charge life of the camera is long lasting (about 11.5 hours), the video monitor is reliable, and the picture and sound quality is top notch. 

The cons have been short with it not being able to be used outside of the house for parents on the go (because it doesn’t use a cellular or Wi-Fi connection), and there was a little trouble with the initial pairing (which doesn’t require a phone).With these few cons, and overwhelming amount of pros, I highly recommend the MomCozy baby monitor to all parents.

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