I see why Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban love these shoes so much

A man and a woman wearing their Veldskoen shoes as they sit on a curb next to some bright buildings.
Credit: Veldskoen

I recently moved. While packing up my boxes, I found that I have a lot of shoes. And by a lot, I don’t mean that I have one pair for every day of the week; I mean I have many pairs of shoes—several moving boxes worth of shoes. And no part of me is ashamed. The reason is that I don’t have a multitude of cheap shoes or beat-up shoes. Nor have I gone on crazed shopping sprees buying up every shoe I see.

Instead, I have built up a collection of shoes since high school.

I love finding timeless shoes that work with just about anything. I love keeping them nice and then having them for years.

When I first found Veldskoen, I was intrigued by the look but thought that there was no chance they could be as good as they looked. Then, I saw that none other than Ashton Kutcher and Mark Cuban invested in these shoes to help bring them to America from South Africa.

This showed me that these aren’t just another pair of shoes, but they are a pair of shoes worth getting behind. As a guy who admittedly has brand loyalty when I find a company I love, knowing that others are willing to back this company financially is huge for me. 

I chose to get a pair of the Men’s Heritage Grey shoes.

These shoes are remarkably comfortable and durable while also being very lightweight. I can see why these shoes are loved by so many, even in just my short time owning them.

I was able to tell that these are quality shoes, built with quality and longevity in mind with a quick glance.

Yes, I could go out and buy a pair of shoes that look somewhat similar at Target for significantly cheaper. However, they’d last for a quarter of the time and wouldn’t be as comfortable.

I chose a more natural color, but I love the broad color options that Veldskoen offers. I can easily see myself picking up another pair in a more daring color now that I know the quality of these shoes.

I can wear these nearly any time of year, with almost any outfit of choice, making these the perfect shoes for my collection.

I’ve worn them with a dressier outfit, and I’ve worn them very casually. Both look as though the shoe was designed for just that.

Since I put these shoes on, I have found myself looking for days to wear my “Vellies.”

If this wasn’t enough reason to love the shoes, knowing that they are water repellant, handcrafted, and sustainable should be.

I like a good pair of shoes. I love a pair of shoes as versatile as Veldskoen. What moves these shoes into the “have to have” category is that they exceed my high expectations while also being sustainable. Try them and I think you will agree.