The BentoStack Charge 8000 just changed the way I pack my backpack

BentoStack Charge compact wireless charger
Credit: Function101

I carry a lot of gear with me for work. Although I like to keep things as minimal as possible, I also love tech. I’ve learned that organization and portability are essential when it comes to my work tech and efficiency.

The BentoStack Charge 8000 is a compact wireless charger that lets me charge multiple devices at once. What’s impressive about this product is how simple, yet practical it is. I’ve carried it around in my bag on days I don’t need it and barely notice it. On days I do need it, I’ve been impressed by how powerful it is.

I wanted the features of the Charge 8000, but also the power of the PowerHub, so I got the additional USB-C hub to add to my BentoStack Charge 8000.

Get organized

The BentoStack is made up of two stackable tiers, a wireless charging bank top, and a band to hold it all together. Each of the Charge’s tiers has movable separators to store cables, charging bricks, and more. Function101 designed the bottom tier to hold Apple’s power bricks for the MacBook, iPhone, and iPad, along with another cable or two. The top tier holds small accessories such as AirPods, an Apple Watch Charger, and a lighting cable. 

But that’s not all. Separating these tiers is a lid to hold two Apple Watch straps, and another top to hold your first Gen Apple Pencil. Personally, I love the Apple Watch strap holder as I get to keep my straps organized while I travel.

Work anywhere

With the addition of the USB-C hub, I have an additional eight ports added to my iPad Pro. With one cable to my iPad Pro, I can now charge my iPad Pro, plug in two USB-A 3.0 devices, one USB-C device, one SD card, one MicroSD card, output to a 4K HDMI screen and even plug in headphones via the 3.5mm audio port. 

This has completely changed my workflow for my iPad Pro because now, instead of needing adapters plugged into my hub, I have everything in one. I can also charge my Apple Pencil via the magnetic holder on top of the aesthetically pleasing valet tray built around this USB-C hub. While it’s hard to pick a favorite part of this BentoStack, I must say the USB-C hub might just be that.

Stay charged

The top lid of my BentoStack Charge 8000 is an 8000 mAh portable battery. What I love most about the 8000 model is that it can charge three devices at once. I can head to a coffee shop (or my living room — looking at you COVID-19) and wirelessly charge my iPhone, plug in my AirPods via the USB-A output port, and top off my iPad Pro with the USB-C output.


All in all, this device has been a pleasant surprise. I honestly did not expect to like it as much as I do, nor did I expect the USB-C hub to be as handy as it is. I feel like I can get some serious work done without limitations due to the beautifully designed hub. I now feel more organized, allowing me to work more efficiently.

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