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This comforter does its job. But better

Columbia knows how to make high-quality clothing, but you might not realize is that the company offers bedding as well. I recently tested the Columbia Cooling Soft Comfort Three-Piece Bedding Set

If you enjoy having a comforter that’s heavier (as opposed to one super light-weight), then this is the one for you. I like how thick it is — it almost adds some height to my bed just because of how fluffy it is. The outside material is made of 55% cotton and 45% polyester. The inside is filled with “fluff” which gives this comforter the extra weight. 

Because it’s so thick, keep in mind that it’s difficult to wash. You might want to bring it to a laundromat with a large machine if your home washer isn’t big enough. On the plus side, I noticed the material itself doesn’t wrinkle, so it looks great on your bed even if you made your bed and then sat on top of it. 

One of the best features of this comforter is the Omni-wick moisture-wicking technology. Translation: The material is designed to help regulate your body temperature so you won’t be too hot or too cold. Even as it’s getting warmer, I am still using this comforter without overheating. 

The color is very universal and goes with pretty much anything. I’m still designing my room and adding new accessories, but I’ve found it’s easy to do so with this grey color (it’s more of a navy grey, which is pretty). 

I would recommend giving this comforter a try, especially if you’re more comfortable sleeping with heavy-weight blankets. It’s extremely soft and very high quality. To prove that it’s supposed to last a very long time, Columbia provides a 15-year manufacturer warranty. I know I’ll be using my Cooling Soft Comforter for quite some time.