Magic Keyboard? Time to step aside

A little while back I wrote a review on the Logitech Folio Touch. It was by far the best iPad Pro Case l had ever used. 

Logitech then did the unthinkable and made it even better. The Logitech Combo Touch has taken the already remarkable Logitech Keyboard case up a notch.

Not a laptop. More.

My iPad Pro is with me all day every day. It is my primary and nearly only computing device — here’s hoping iPadOS 15 brings me to an iPad-only workflow. Previously I loved the ability to be able to fold my keyboard back behind my iPad Pro to give me a [heavy] tablet case. I did not love putting my iPad down in this mode though, nor did I love holding it in one hand.

Really, I just liked getting the keyboard out of the way occasionally. But now, with the ability to detach the keyboard, I no longer look for ways to make something work that isn’t natural. Now when I want the keyboard, there it is, when I want it without, there it isn’t. It’s truly simple and beautiful. It brings the best of both worlds for my iPad Pro. When I am getting work done, keyboard. When I’m watching Ted Lasso on Apple TV+ or watching DailyTekk on YouTube, I pop the keyboard off and pull the kickstand out and have my own 11” TV. When I want to play some Flow (I’m helplessly addicted), I can pull off the keyboard and hold my iPad Pro comfortably without excess weight. The combinations are intuitive, logical, and seamless. I find myself utilizing this case much more throughout my days working or relaxing.

One of the other differences I noticed was that Logitech expanded the delete key to be a little bit larger, subsequently shrinking the “+ / =” and “- / _” keys to allow the extra keyspace. At first, it threw me off seeing those keys smaller, but I realized how infrequently I use those keys, and how frequently I utilize the delete key, and I understood.

Logitech also expanded the trackpad footprint slightly allowing for an even better experience. I’ll admit, when I first got the Logitech Folio Touch keyboard case, I neglected the touchpad because I had my iPad Pro the same distance away just on the other side of the keyboard. Why would I reach down? Now, after playing with the touchpad a little bit more, I absolutely love it.

During my regular workday, I plug into my Kensington StuioDock and project my iPad Pro onto an external monitor. When doing this, I use my Logitech MX Master series Keyboard and Mouse. While this works well, iPadOS still leaves a disconnect between a mouse and the iPad Pro. With a touchpad though, it makes sense. There is something about using a touchpad with iPadOS that just feels like second nature. 

I said it last time, and ironically I need to say it again. Logitech has blown the competition out of the water with this keyboard case. So much so that I don’t even find myself wanting the holy grail of iPad Pro keyboards, Apple’s very own Magic Keyboard. Coming from one of the biggest Apple fanboys there is, that’s quite a big statement. Logitech has blown me away yet again.