Vivint Indoor Camera Pro review: Small size but powerful security

The Vivint Indoor Camera Pro looks so tiny, it could pass for a webcam you use for Zoom calls. Yet, hidden in the enclosure is a powerful security camera that can detect motion, show you a high-res 1080p video feed on your phone or on the Vivint security console, and is so easy to setup that you don’t even need to ask anyone to come out to do the install.

That last point is an important one. Vivint is a full-blown security company that provides a wealth of services, but chief among them is that, if there is a break-in, an actual human agent will call and make sure you are okay. Not a robot, not a text service, and not complete radio silence (which is true if you use off-the-shelf security cameras like those you can buy off Amazon).

Here’s the thing — I’ll take the real human. Security is a touchy subject, one that requires a real person to be involved. If there is a break-in, you want to be able to coordinate with a human being and find out what to do next, and the person on the other line can dispatch local law enforcement. That’s why I like the Vivint Indoor Camera Pro so much — because it integrates with the entire Vivint ecosystem and real people are going to support any security issues.

Interestingly, the camera does not require any technical installation. I unpacked the device and pressed the top button to enable syncing to the Vivint security console. I was surprised how slick this worked and how quickly it connected. All I had to do was name the camera. In a few minutes I was checking the feed from my phone and also the console.

The camera can detect motion, and it was easy to configure the detection zone. I setup the camera in my home office and selected an area around my desk and a window, but skipped an area that is basically empty by a closet. Anyone who tries to come into the office will enter through the door or the window, so the zone was perfect for the room.

The 1080p video is remarkably clear, not fuzzy or grainy like you see even with some current-market security cameras. I would even compare the quality to an HD webcam that’s meant to show your face on a video call, not detect people intruding on your house.

I also liked the fact that the camera has local storage. It means, this is not a “cloud only” camera that connects to a remote server. If your Wi-Fi goes out, the camera can still record clips in the detection zone and you can still inspect the room using your phone or the console.

Surprisingly, the camera even used HDR (high-dynamic range) which is typically found in your HDTV. It just means, for security purposes, that you can see every detail.

The camera comes with a mounting bracket, but I liked how it can just sit on its own stand on a desk or bookshelf. It’s inconspicuous and looks like a webcam.

The setup was fast, and the camera is powerful. Best of all, it integrates with the existing Vivint system and has the support of the security team just like every other camera, motion detection system, and front doorbell in the Vivint line-up. It’s a smart security accessory.

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