Alo Renown Heavy Weight Hoodie, your next go-to athleisure staple

Searching for your next go-to hoodie? Look no further. I have not stopped wearing my Alo Renown Heavy Weight Hoodie since receiving it in the mail. I choose to wear this hoodie every chance I get. In an article I posted earlier this month I basically stated that I’m a habitual gray sweater collector. While that article focused on a more daily wear cashmere sweater, it should be known that I collect gray sweaters of all styles, from activewear to business-casual. 

From the collection I’ve accrued over the many years, I’m embarrassed to say that most of my athleisure-type gray sweaters are showing some obvious wear and tear. I was ready for an upgrade. This hoodie is definitely a step in the right direction.

What I like about it

The first thing I noticed about this piece is that it’s not your everyday basic hoodie. What sets the Alo Renown Heavy Weight Hoodie apart is the structure and quality of the material. This was designed creates an effortless shape that is both oversized and flattering. Don’t be fooled, achieving an “oversized look” is far from easy. To get the effortless portrayal, you actually need to put in a lot of work to find the right fit. This hoodie attains that goal by being designed to be oversized, but the structure and material work together to present an intentional appearance. 

On the body, it fits like a dream. I ordered my true size and felt that it was perfect. I liked where the bottom seam hit on me. As a tall individual, it is sometimes hard to find hoodies that are long enough and this one did the trick. I also noticed that the more I wore it (which was almost on a daily basis at this point) the more it started to form to my body. I felt like once I “broke it in”, it became even more of a perfect fit. 

Something else I appreciate is the actual warmth of the product. With the weight in mind, I expected that the hoodie would keep me toasty, but I didn’t expect it to work so effectively. What impressed me most was that I could wear it out on early morning walks, even with a moderate breeze and late fall climate andI would still be at just the right temperature. It’s was breathable enough that you won’t get overwhelmed by the heat. 

If I had to give one critique, I would say that the neckline on the hoodie can be a bit tight. Since the hood itself is heavy in nature, it can become irritating on occasion. Though overall it’s a win. 


The Alo Renown Heavy Weight hoodie is designed for cozy nights in and for those going for a street-ready look. It’s made from a thick, weighted French terry that feels comfortable against the skin. This piece includes a structured hood and spacious kangaroo pocket for easy storage. There are also comfortable cuffs at the sleeves and waistband. This hoodie was designed to fit every size and its intention shows through the product. The website recommended size down up to two sizes for a more true-to-size fit if oversized is not your thing. I like that it’s simple to wash for such a heavy hoodie, just machine wash on a cold, gently cycle and tumble dry on low. 

Final thoughts 

The Alo Renown Heavy Weight Hoodie is definitely my new go-to. I love that it is functional yet also stylish enough to feel confident wearing on the go. All in all, the Alo Renown Heavy Weight is my new favorite hoodie and would make a great gift in the upcoming holiday season.