Dryzzle Futurelight Parka review: This rain jacket checks all the right boxes

My number one qualm with my puddle obsessed son is that I am drenched by the end of our time playing outside in the rain. Most of the rain jackets I have tried only resist rain for short periods of time, leaving me feeling (and looking) like a wet dog. Thus began my hunt for the perfect rain jacket that could pass the fashion test and still function as I needed it to. In my search, I stumbled upon the Women’s Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT Parka from The North Face.

I was instantly drawn to the sliding scale that North Face provided, letting me know that this jacked would be the highest waterproof jacket I could get. I ultimately chose their black color for a timeless look, although the other color options were beautiful and tempting. Based on the slim fit design, I decided to size up one size to allow for some extra room for any warmer layers underneath if needed. After receiving the Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT Parka, I was glad that I chose to size up as I found this particular jacket to run a little small.

Being a tall girl, I was pleased with the extra length provided with this parka style to help keep more of me dry. I was also pleasantly surprised at how well the hood was designed to keep out rain and keep in place in the wind. I’m convinced where I live is the windiest place on earth, and the hood stayed in place fairly well. The hood is adjustable with three pieces, making it versatile for mild or severe weather.

The body of the Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT Parka is made from recycled polyester and nylon and has a non-PFC DWR finish for added water repellency. The inside of the jacked is lined with a soft mesh-like fabric that did provide some comfort and extra warmth. I will say I did think that the materiel of the jacket was slightly stiff as I moved around. However, if that is the compromise you make for a fully functioning rain jacket, it is well worth it.

The additional pocket on the inside chest is very handy and provides additional places to put things that absolutely cannot get wet. As a mom with my hands constantly full, added pockets are always a plus.

Overall, I am happy to have found a rain jacket that allows me to have my style cake and eat it too with the functionally of staying completely dry. If you’re serious about staying dry in any element, I’d recommend the Women’s Dryzzle FUTURELIGHT Parka from The North Face.