InnoBaby Bento FlexBox review: The interactive lunch box your kid will love

You know you are the mother of four children when you are incredibly excited to test out a lunch box.  I have come to that point in life where most of my gift requests are either an item for my kitchen or something to make motherhood more fun and effective, aka something for my kids. Let me tell you that these InnoBaby Bento FlexBoxes have made mother and child both very happy. Upon telling my kids that I needed them to go play while I finished up this review, they said, “Tell them we really like them!” So there you have it, from the mouth of babes. 

What do my kids like about them? The InnoBaby Bento FlexBox starts with a fun feature that really excited them. They have little charms that you can add to the front of your box that can be popped in and out pretty easily for those little fingers. Now they are small enough charms that I found my 10-month-old twins can’t play with them yet, as they can fit completely into their greedy mouths. I’d say an 18-month-old and up would be able to use and have fun with these. Depending on the color box you choose, you will receive two themed charms. They have three box colors available which are blue, green, and pink. The blue FlexBox gives you vehicle-themed charms, the green gives dinosaur themes and the pink gives unicorn themes. You can also purchase additional charms depending on your kids’ interests. The usual price for the FlexBox itself is $50 on Amazon. At the time of posting this article, it is on sale for $40. 

The charms also work with the InnoBaby FlexWarez spoon and fork set that works with the FlexBox. You can swap out the charms which the girls were obsessed with. I haven’t tried washing the charms in the dishwasher, though. I usually pop them off and toss them into our silverware drawer to wait for their next use. The FlexWarez silverware set comes in blue, green, and pink as well to match your FlexBox. These are an extra expense that cost $12.99 without charms. I would think if your kids are having a good time with the charms, they will like this added FlexWarez feature. But they aren’t necessary to enjoy the FlexBox. 

Inside the box is a platinum silicone tray insert that pops out of the base. Now, this piece is the real MVP, and here is why. This tray is toxin-free and heat-resistant. You can place it in the oven, in your microwave, or pop it into the dishwasher. The phrase InnoBaby uses is “Bake it. Freeze it. Pack it.” You don’t like to use the microwave? You can reheat your kid’s food by putting this silicone tray in the oven. Aren’t much for washing all the things by hand? Me neither. So letting the dishwasher take care of the dirty work is exactly what I like to do and this tray comes out all squeaky clean. This is also mold-proof. I almost got to test that aspect, as I forgot the lunchbox of half-eaten food outside the fridge overnight. Though that food did not mold on me, knowing how easily a mess can be rinsed out of this FlexBox I can easily see how even moldy food would clean up without a problem. Simply squirt on your soap, scrub it in hot water and wash it all away. 

The silicone tray has four compartments for food items — one large, two medium and one small in the middle. I found this to be the perfect amount of space for my little eaters. My youngest daughter is four and she didn’t finish her lunch. My oldest is 5-years-old and was able to get through her whole lunch and feel satisfied. The entire box also fit well into their lunch box carrier.

The box base is not heat resistant, so be sure that you are taking the tray out as you use the different heated methods available. I did find that the base is very easy to rinse off. You will find in my photo that one compartment is just tomatoes. My daughters love a good tomato with their lunches and with a juicy tomato, comes a big juicy mess. I was able to wipe away any tomato traces from the white base without a fuss. The leakproof title of this bento FlexBox has also proved to be true. I found no leaking at all, nor did it leak into any of the other compartments of food items. The base has a lockable lid, that helps seal everything in and yet is easy to open and shut for my 4 and 5-year-old daughters. 

I do wish the bottom of these boxes had some grip to them. I had to prop the lids open against our toaster oven because of limited counter space, and I found them to be sliding about as I filled them with food. If I gave InnoBaby a tip for the next model, some grippers on the bottom would be my advisory. Other than that simple thing, we have enjoyed our InnoBaby FlexBoxes

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