Is barista quality coffee in two minutes possible with the Espro Bloom Pour Over Kit?

I love coffee. The smell. The taste. It is part of my daily routine and gets my morning off to the right start. While I’m not a barista or Q Grader, I lean more towards specialty coffees than diner coffees and k-cups. Yet, I still value expediency. Therefore, using the Espro Bloom Pour Over Kit to balance a great cup of coffee while keeping some simplicity to my morning routine is intriguing.

The Espro Bloom Pour Over Kit is an all in one simple system for pour over coffee. Making a cup is as easy as 1-2-3. The Bloom pour over kit gives me everything to consistently brew a perfectly balanced cup (or two) of coffee. In as little as two minutes!


Currently, I am using one of my favorite coffee roasters – Morningsong. Morningsong focuses on highlighting the unique and rare flavors coffee delivers. So far, I love every one of their coffees but the Wakerobin Blend is a personal favorite. It is a 50/50 Peru-Mexico medium roast blend with rich chocolate and honey notes and subtle hints of dates and stone fruit. With a coffee this good, I’d hate to mess up a cup by over brewing it or watering it down. Yet the Bloom pour over single-serve brewing system eliminates waste and imperfections. Now I can brew my morning cup worry free!

The Bloom pour over kit comes with a 3-piece dot-based system to take the guess work out of brewing. The glass carafe, measuring spoon, and microfilter each have two dot indicators for precise coffee grounds to water ratio. (The kit also comes with 50 premium paper filters). The most difficult part is deciding if I want one or two cups of coffee.  

Once I decide, I simply measure out the appropriate amount of coffee (using the measuring scoop) into the filter. Then I just add hot water and voilà – my delicious coffee is ready. As advertised – as easy as 1-2-3! I use the dot system as a guide and consistently get a barista-style coffee in as little as two minutes! The Bloom kit gives me everything I need to turn my morning coffee into a work of art.


The Espro Bloom Pour Over Kit uses a patented 1502-hole microfilter. This metal pour over filter is crafted with a unique spiral design. It also has a flat brew bed. These two elements work together so the water is distributed evenly. This is optimal for a straight flow-through which provides uniform flavor extraction from the coffee grounds. The internal steep slope design works together with these other filter features resulting in a 30% faster pour over experience – without sacrificing quality!

The kit comes with a stainless-steel measuring spoon. Written into the spoon handle is the directions for specific quantities of coffee. The corresponding dot system marks the amount of needed water on the included glass carafe. The carafe is made of borosilicate glass for durability. Additionally, the kit comes with 50 premium paper filters that reduce bitterness and give a cleaner flavor. However, you can also use the metal pour over micro-filter without paper filters by using a coarse ground coffee.


The Espro Bloom Pour Over Kit unlocks the full potential of your favorite coffee in minutes with ease. It is perfect for those seeking to up their coffee game while keeping things simple. The kit comes with everything you need (filter, measuring spoon, and carafe), patented technology, and precise measuring system. In the words of Espro, it is – the only pour over coffee brewer kit that brews barista-style coffee in only two minutes!

Coffee is all a matter of degrees. From water pH, to coffee quality, washing techniques, etc. – the variables are staggering. Coffee perfection may not be attainable. However, with the Espro Bloom Pour Over Kit you may just brew the perfect cup of coffee for you. Not to mention in two minutes or less!

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