Spotty Wi-Fi? Meraki Go Access Points are the perfect solution

I don’t have a massive house, but I do need decent Wi-Fi coverage to connect the plethora of “Smart” devices in my home. The problem is, I tend to get spotty coverage. I’m also not overwhelmingly pleased with the coverage my extender gives me. Sure, things connect, but they lose speed and sometimes still can’t connect. For example, my Pit-Boss smoker needs a decent signal to keep me posted on grilling temps, but I can’t get it to stay connected – even with the extender.

The extender is just a bit too far away from my router to get me the connections I need. If I move it, my coverage struggles again. I honestly didn’t know there was a better solution until I read about Meraki Go. Meraki offers a few Wi-Fi 6 wireless access points that are the perfect solution for spotty Wi-Fi in homes and expanding businesses alike. The best part? Indoor and outdoor options are available in the GR12 and GR62 models.

Configuration is as simple as scanning a QR code with the free app, naming my device, and connecting it to my existing router. Directions on the app are pretty straightforward and step by step. It’s relatively easy to navigate the app as well, however I did run into one problem. I initially couldn’t delete one of the access points when I tried, however this has been an acknowledged bug and is resolved.

I name the network, and it immediately shows up as a new network connection option on my devices. Mounting is an option as well with Meraki recommending a location that is up a bit higher for optimal coverage. After seeing the UI (User Interface) and playing around with the app, I can say with confidence any small business would benefit immensely with the ease of use here.

I hardwire in the Meraki indoor GR12 with an ethernet cord and power to my existing router, and I simply connect the outdoor GR62 to a power source. After the brief setup process mentioned above, the points communicate with my router through a mesh network. The outdoor access point becomes a reliable extension of my network with much better reliability than a Wi-Fi extender. It’s a beautiful thing – and if you happen to have an expanding business? You can always add more nodes.

The UI makes all the difference in keeping me coming back to the app. Thankfully, the Meraki Go UI is simple and straightforward. At the bottom of the screen are five basic options in Home, Network, Health, Hardware, and Settings.

The Home screen gives an overview of how the network is performing, showing connections, average data used, and even what type of applications are taking the most data. Additionally, I can see how many users have been on and for how long. This is great for knowing if I may want to block certain sites in my business – if for example YouTube is taking too much of my bandwidth from employees or guests.

The Networks tab simply lets me take a look at each network I’ve set up. Clicking on the network immediately gives me a view of what devices are currently signed onto my network as well as what apps are being accessed. The amount of data I can view right through the phone app is surprising and very helpful. The Health tab shows how long the network has been up and running and how efficiently (via showing average speeds).

Finally, the Hardware and Settings tabs give show me my actual access points and whether they are online or offline. It is where I can choose to set usage limits for the network, block sites, and adjust passwords. I can even gain guest insights in what they are viewing, and block clients. I can also run speed tests and customize notifications.

The best part of using the Meraki Go interface is how simply I can adjust everything right from my phone. After using Meraki’s UI, I never want to adjust my router settings via PC again. The app is so much easier to use.


Businesses and homeowners alike can benefit from adding a Wi-Fi 6 access point to their existing network. Meraki Go by Cisco offers a phenomenal solution to serving needs in both the home and the business community. When a wi-fi extender just won’t cut it, an access point is the way to go. I’m sincerely thrilled I learned about this product as it served my needs to perfectly well. Easy setup, an intuitive UI, and fantastic connections make this an easy product to recommend.

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