Nike Storm-FIT Victory Full Zip Golf Jacket: Comfort for the office or the links

It’s no secret to my friends and family that I like to be comfortable. This applies to my food choices (comfort food like pizza and chicken wings), the car I drive (a BMW 3 with a smooth ride), and even the clothes I wear. I’m the opposite of a “dress for success” person. It’s more like, dress for comfort. That’s why when Nike sent me the Nike Storm-FIT Victory Full Zip Golf Jacket to review, I was curious if it would meet my stay comfortable criterion.

Of course this is a jacket made for golf, and it is winter right now. I wanted to find out if an athleisure product like this, made for smooth swings on the course, could also work for everyday attire while I work, go to a remote office, and just hang-out around town. 

One thing I learned right away is that this shell keeps you warm, even in the office and in transit. I used the jacket while cross-country skiing as well, and it forms a nice moisture barrier and stays tight around the neck and sleeves. We’re all aware of the fact that people wear athleisure apparel for all purposes during the day, even if it has nothing to do with golf. (I am going to try the matching pants during an actual golf round this spring.)

For me, the jacket looks stylish and slim for any purpose, and worked great for an actual outdoor adventure. I skied across an entire lake and went to a kite-flying event on a frozen lake in my area, and the Nike Storm-FIT Victory Full Zip Golf Jacket worked well because I had good freedom of movement, similar to what you might need on the links. Arriving at the event and going to a local eatery, I still felt comfortable and didn’t think too much about whether I was wearing athletic gear. At the office, I had a similar view during meetings. The styling is all black with a simple logo on the arm that is not at all obvious or overbearing.

The Nike Storm-FIT Victory Full Zip Golf Jacket uses tech to keep you warm and help reduce the impact of wind and rain during golf outings. The jacket is also lightweight and not bulky at all. It reminds me of something you might wear for a run or during a workout. Inside, there’s some mesh lining that moves easily with each movement (in my case, moving arms back and forth while skiing). The zipper seals up tight at the top if the wind really hits you hard.

I also liked the bungee cord at the hem which allows you to seal up even tighter around the waist for those days when the cold and wind is a little unexpected, and yet could also work fine on a warmer day when you need some protection in the early morning hours. The entire shell seals up enough that I could imagine playing golf even in cold spring weather and not feeling like I needed to add an extra jacket or other layers. That’s a testament to the Storm-FIT tech that makes sure the jacket is breathable in warm weather and air-tight and warm in the cold.

I’ll report back this spring after testing the jacket and pants that both use Storm-FIT tech that is designed more for the golf course than winter skiing. For now, I can say this is a product that would work well for any outdoor activity, and for the office.