Prana Route Tracker Sweater Jacket review: Step up your winter clothing game

I like to be comfortable.

I mean, my wife tells me that when we go shopping. I’ve mentored young people for many years, and when I tell them about my musical taste, they always say the same thing: I like feel-good music. Why go through life with stress?

I am the same way with my clothing, at the detriment of wearing way too many fleeces and jeans, even at the office.

When I came across the Prana Route Tracker Sweater Jacket recently, I had to try it out and do a review.

I knew this was a step-up from the normal fleece from a company like Eddie Bauer, with a look that was a bit more elegant and office-ready. The front zipper is already a departure from the norm for me, and the cut and style is a bit more formal.

I was incredulous at first when I wore the sweater jacket, thinking it might be too stiff and even thought it might look like I was trying to impress people at the office. 

Not at all, I thought one day, The sweater jacket has a unique formal style, but it is still a zippered sweater. Prana has a knack for making clothing that looks stylish but not too stiff and formal for wearing to work.

The jacket is made from 40% wool plus other fabrics, and that’s about the right blend of wool to still be comfortable and warm.

I liked how the material inside is also not wool, since it is lined more for comfort. (For warmth, you really only need the wool on the outside anyway.)

The zipper closes up tight at the top, which I found out was helpful on a trip or two on a warm winter day when I decided to skip a winter jacket. The sweater also fits just about perfectly if slightly snug (in a good way).

I knew the sweater jacket would be about the same as a fleece in practice. Warm enough for winter, and yet with some added elegance that it could work for a holiday party.

There’s actually a zip pocket as well in the chest, which is something I’d probably only use in a pinch when I needed a place to stash a few dollars or an entry pass to an event.

Rolling up the sleeves one day, the sweater jacket still felt cozy; the thick material adds some nice protection.

I’d say the Prana Route Tracker Sweater Jacket is a favorite piece of clothing now.

(Note: Half-zip sweater shown in photo.)

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