The Maxfind Max5 Pro is the ultimate entry-level Electric Skateboard

“Aw man, that’s a tooth…possibly several!” I shout to my fellow skateboarding buddies circa 2001 as I observe my bloody front tooth in my hand. I laugh as I check out my toothless smile in the mirror following the skateboard accident. The laughter doesn’t last long as my lip continues to split the more I grin and make fun of my own appearance. My attempt to ollie off of several steps on Iowa State’s campus resulted in my back foot landing on the board and my front foot completely missing it. Naturally, the board shot straight up and slammed me in the face. Now, I have the lifelong joy of not having a real front tooth. I haven’t skated since – that is – until about three weeks ago. Now, my journey starts in a new and modern way as I test the latest in electric skateboards with the Maxfind Max5 Pro. This time, I’m wearing some safety gear.

First Impressions

The Max5 Pro is ready to hit the road the moment I take it out of the box. It’s tightly packaged and surprisingly heavy. When I take the board out, I estimate it to weight about 20 lbs. I’m not too far off either. The skateboard legitimately weighs in at a solid 17 lbs., and I wonder how tough it would be to tote one of these around a campus now. Basically, it’s safe to say any electric board is going to be heavy and feel bulky if you are used to using an old-school board. If you know better, you already know that it’s going to be on the heavier side because – it’s electric!

The charging cable is straightforward and plugs right into the side of the skateboard near the power button. In the box I also find the tools needed to adjust the mobility of the trucks. They seem pretty tight at first, so I loosen them up a bit to get a bit more motion for tighter turns.

Maxfind chose to go with a different style of grip tape than what I’ve seen on traditional boards. It’s still grippy, but it has less of a sandpaper feel. My feet definitely don’t stick to it as much as they would on other boards. That’s not to say it’s a poor material – it’s just different. I did notice a few bubbles pop up on it after my first few rides, but they seem to have smoothed themselves out with time.

Finally, and perhaps most importantly is the remote control and charger. The remote slides perfectly into my right hand and immediately pairs with the board – no troubleshooting needed. It is simple and intuitive to use. A rocker wheel controls the speed and brakes for the device, and it works without a noticeable delay. This is key as braking is a critical safety feature based on how fast this thing can get going. Two buttons allow me to choose the speed mode and choice of direction for travel (which way the wheels spin).

Safety First

I’m not someone who typically advocates for “safety” out loud. I grew up without the need for helmets and pads. We just played – with play came accidents. I guess this was supposed to help us toughen up as kids, but then again I’m now toothless. This board takes off quickly, and if you are not careful, you will fall. It takes a bit of practice to get my balance right, and I refuse to go anywhere on it without proper gear. I have to recommend the same for this audience. The included instruction manual echoes my concern – wear it at all times, because honestly it only feels like a matter of time until something happens. Travelling at 24 MPH on a skateboard is exhilarating, but it comes with risk. Please stay safe.

Thankfully Maxfind includes some built in features to keep us as safe as they can out there. First, the brakes work really well. They don’t slam on, so I don’t feel like I’m going to fly off the board if I pull back on the remote wheel. At the same time they aren’t going to avoid that immediate curb or giant stick in time if you aren’t paying careful attention. Trust me, you won’t be ollieing over anything with the weight of the Maxfind Max5 Pro. Therefore, it is critical to always look forward and know your surroundings.

In addition to the brakes, Maxfind incorporates four different speed settings on the remote. This way I can get some practice and feel for the skateboard before I decide to test it at full speed. The beginner (or “1”) setting goes up to 10Mph, but keep in mind you can still vary the speed with the remote wheel. Eco goes up to 15Mph, Sport 20Mph, and finally Max hits the 24Mph mark. From a safety standpoint, I highly recommend tightening the trucks if planning to hit higher speeds. Otherwise, the board can wobble and potentially send you sailing through the air.

It’s go time!

Now that I’ve covered some additional features of the Max5 Pro, it’s time to brag on the fun. Getting used to the skateboard is a bit intimidating at first. Why? The dual motors work fast and furious to get me up to speed quickly, and I can get around and even up hills at a rapid rate. While I won’t be choosing to commute with it, I personally know someone who purchased an electric skateboard to save on gas. I have family members in school considering the option as well.

I recommend it for travel or commuting, provided you have a decently smooth and straightforward route to travel on. It is incredibly smooth and stable once I get the hang of it. The wheels work really well, but for those who may travel on rough terrain, I recommend upgrading to 105MM wheels. I do my best to avoid even the smallest of potholes. It’s just not worth finding out the hard way if the skateboard will make it through them or not. It does travel up small grades really well. It handles inclines very well. In fact, I much prefer using it on inclines compared to say the Atomi Alpha Scooter.

I tend to hop on for a simple ride around the block, though I’m tempted to let my teenager ride it a few miles down the road to church. After all, that’s what the 38″ deck and device are built for. I’ll admit my legs get a bit tired while riding for long distances, but I’m also getting old and sit for long periods during my workday. The skateboard travels up to 21 miles and comes in wonderfully handy for short trips to the local store. In my own testing I did not test the distance, but I trust it can go about that range as my many short trips add up to roughly this mileage before it needs a charge. Thankfully, there is a Samsung High-Voltage battery to ensure these trips are feasible.


Whether taking the Maxfind Max5 Pro out for a simple joyride or using it to commute and save some cash on gas, it’s hard to deny how fun this skateboard is. Great controls, safety features, and adjustability, and stability make the Max5 Pro a phenomenal entry level skateboard. I don’t have much in the way of complaints here at all, but I will say it again. Be safe. Keep your teeth. Happy riding friends.