Why the Cozy Earth’s Waffle Blanket is more than just your average throw

Personally, this time of year is my absolute favorite. With the leaves starting to change and temperatures beginning to drop, I can’t help but want to curl up and watch some of my favorite nostalgic movies. However, with all the early autumn heat waves that Minnesota likes to bring, some blankets and sweaters can be a bit stifling. 

That’s one of the main reasons I have been enjoying Cozy Earth’s Waffle Blanket. Not only does it add style to any living room sofa, its blend of bamboo and viscose make it breathable, sweat-wicking, and still keeps you warm on cool nights. While reviewing the throw, I noticed that I naturally gravitated towards it most evenings. It allowed for me to feel cozy and comforted without being too heavy in the early fall heat. 

Appearance and Quality

Cozy Earth’s Waffle Blanket is offered in a variety of earth-toned colors, perfect for any color-scheme. I particularly appreciate the waffle appearance, it feels nice to the touch and can add texture and dimension to any sofa or bed. The blanket is also bordered in a 100% cotton outline, adding a more finished look. The blanket was created with temperature regulating intentions in mind and would be a great addition under any comforter. The cool-to-the-touch effect is undeniably the best feature and is sure to make the blanket a go-to all year long.


While Cozy Earth’s Waffle Blanket is on the higher end in price and quality, it appears to be created with longevity in mind. I also expected a more complicated washing requirement but was pleasantly surprised to find that its maintenance is as simple as a cold machine wash and a throw in the drying machine. It doesn’t get simpler than that.


Cozy Earth has made the choice to make sustainability a core value across the board. The Waffle Blanket boasts a 10 year warranty and utilizes a weaving technique that prevents pilling over time. This product seems to be designed to last, making me feel at ease when it comes to reducing trips to the landfill.

Their products are OEKO-TEX 100 certified, meaning they do not contain harsh chemicals, dyes, or toxins. They also only utilize USDA organic-certified farms in order to obtain the bamboo they use for their products. Lastly, they take pride in the ethical creation of their products, from the factories to the employers they work with. 

Overall Impressions

I’ve enjoyed the cool and breathable fabric the most while trying out this blanket. What’s even better is knowing that it’s been made ethically and sustainably. The downside to this product is the steep price. However, if you have the budget to buy with sustainability in mind, it’s a great choice for any home.

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