Goal Zero’s Venture 35: Amazing versatility for work and play

Goal Zero’s Venture 35 has proven to be an invaluable addition to my backpack. Whether I’m at a conference or exploring the great outdoors, this portable power bank has consistently delivered on its promises. Over the last month of using this device, I have put it through the ringer for both work and play. It performed well at home, outside and on the road. I don’t have many gadgets that I use in as many circumstances.


First and foremost, Goal Zero’s Venture 35 is incredibly convenient for business professionals on the go. Its compact and portable design allows me to bring it to meetings, conferences, and off-site events with ease. The power bank provides a reliable source of energy for charging tablets, smartphones, earbuds and other essential devices. A couple weeks ago I went on a business trip and the travel process was over seven hours. During this time I used my phone, tablet and earbuds. I was able to keep each of these devices topped off with a charge. This means I can stay connected and productive even in locations where power outlets are scarce.

One of the standout features of the Venture 35 is its versatility. It comes with two charging ports, the USB-A and the USB-C. The USB-C is the two-way port used for charging up the Venture 35. It has enough capacity to charge my phone several times, making it a true lifesaver during long business trips or while working remotely. The built-in battery level lights provide real-time information about the battery’s status, so I always know when it’s time to recharge the power bank.


When it’s time to escape from the hustle of the work week, the Venture 35 seamlessly transitions to being a reliable companion for outdoor adventures. My tent has a built-in light that powers via USB. The tent came with a D-battery powered source, but we find the batteries do not last that long. Using the Venture 35, I was able to run that light as needed for the entire weekend. Whether I’m camping, hiking, or exploring remote areas, this power bank provides a consistent and clean source of power. It’s great to have a reliable power source for charging my camera, headlamp, or other outdoor gadgets, ensuring I never miss capturing memorable moments.

The rugged and durable design of Goal Zero’s Venture 35 gives me the confidence that it can withstand the rigors of the outdoors. It is weather-resistant, so I don’t have to worry about a sudden rain shower ruining my power source. The rubberized exterior provides a secure grip, and the ergonomic shape makes it easy to grab with gloves. With an IP67 rating, this power bank can withstand submersion up to 1 meter of water for at least 30 minutes.


Furthermore, the Venture 35 can be recharged through solar panels, which is a critical when I’m off the grid. This feature allows me to harness the power of the sun to keep the power station topped up, reducing my reliance on traditional power sources. Goal Zero excels in this area. Check out their Nomad series of portable solar panels.

One of the elements regarding the Venture 35 is that it works on devices up to 18W. As their entry level device, it performs amazingly. I might consider an upgrade to their Venture 75. With 19,200mAh, it is rated to charge your laptop. This would be a nice addition in helping keep my most common devices charged on the go. However, at 20oz, the Venture 75 weighs twice that of the Venture 35, which is something to consider while hiking.

I also like that there is a 50 lumen light on the power bank. I ran a test on the power bank to determine how much light it provided over 12 hours. After 12 hours of use, the light barely dropped any lumens on my light meter. After 24 hours, the light drop was less than 10%. I lost track of the time as it ran so long, but I believe it powered the built-in light for up to 36 hours.

Goal Zero Venture 35

Goal Zero’s Venture 35 is a fantastic addition for anyone looking for a versatile and reliable power source for both business and adventure. It has become an essential tool for me, offering the convenience and peace of mind I need. Its durability, flexibility, and eco-friendly charging options make it a valuable investment for professionals and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re in the corporate world or the great outdoors, the Goal Zero Venture 35 is your ticket to staying powered up and connected.

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