Is the Ninja Creami a Lowcarber’s dream come true?

Years ago I began a new lifestyle out of necessity. I became a type 2 diabetic. I was introduced to a Canadian doctor blazing trails in the area of weight loss and diabetes reversal using intermittent fasting techniques.

Fasting, low carb and the keto lifestyle are all hot topics right now. Products have emerged to help us fast more effectively, I’m looking at you Ketochow! Meal delivery services have incorporated low carb or keto options and restaurants are catering to people who want to substitute ingredients to make their orders adhere to their keto or low carb lifestyle. It’s all good news, because let’s face it, the standard North American diet has been garbage for years!

That’s why any product that can help reduce the amount of sugar I consume on a regular basis is interesting to me. This is where the Ninja Creami ($249USD) comes in! Although the product did not set out to be the poster child for the low carb lifestyle, it has quickly taken Tiktok, Instagram and Youtube by storm with recipes, tutorials and reviews about this amazing machine! What is it and what does it do? Let’s learn.

The Ninja Creami Deluxe is a 11-in-1 ice cream maker and claims to be able to turn almost anything into a creamy frozen treat. With settings like italian ice, sorbet, gelato, ice cream and slushy, this is definitely an amazing claim!

My Ninja Creami Deluxe came in its branded product box to my door. So if you’re purchasing online from Amazon, make sure you’re home. Porch pirates are definitely on the prowl these days. Check out my review for the Eufy SmartDrop to end this once and for all!

Included with my Ninja Creami Deluxe is the motor base with its patented Dual-Drive Motors and Creamify Technology, a deluxe Creamerizer paddle that shaves and churns ice particles, two 24 oz. deluxe pints containers with storage lids, an outer bowl and lid to house your pint while processing and a recipe guide with 30 included recipes.

Compared to traditional ice cream machines that freeze the cream or base inside the machine, the Ninja Creami functions a bit differently in that you pre-freeze your base for 24 hours before processing. Some reviews you might read have called this out as a negative in their reviews, but I don’t see the problem. It’s just a different process.

After freezing your base in the pint container, simply insert the pint container into the Creami and select the type of dessert you would like. The lid’s blade plunges up and down into your frozen base, breaking it up and turning it into creamy goodness in about 5 minutes! The powerful motor makes quick work of nearly anything you can throw at it including frozen ice cubes! At this point you can also choose to only process the top or bottom half of your pint. This is perfect if you are only making one serving allowing you to return the un-processed portion back to the freezer for another day.

Want some peanut butter or banana with your chocolate? Creami’s got you covered! Simply create a little crater in the middle of your frozen base and insert your “Mix-ins” and select the Mix-in button. Creami will process your mix-ins and distribute it evenly throughout your pint!

Now you may wonder where all this talk about low carb and keto comes in? Well, by using products like Keto Chow’s low carb shake mixes, you can make a wonderful frozen treat without sugar and carbohydrates and enjoy guilt free ice cream, gelato and all sorts of frozen treats! You can even add some mix-ins like raspberries, strawberries and blackberries and still enjoy a very low sugar dessert.

I found the Ninja Creami an absolute joy to use and thanks to all of its dishwasher safe parts, an absolute breeze to clean up. The Creami is quite tall and weighty, but thanks to it’s small footprint doesn’t take up a lot of counter space which is nice because you’ll want to have this baby out and ready to go when the mood hits!

The Ninja Creami’s price point is not cheap at $249USD, but I found the entire product experience to be very well designed and of high quality. The product is in very high demand and is currently listed as out of stock on the company’s website. But keep a watchful eye as the company is doing its best to keep up with demand especially as we enter the holiday season!

All in all, the Ninja Creami is an absolute must have especially for health conscious families with small children and older adults alike! 

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