Little Bipsy Hooded Flannel review: Matching your kids in style

Our family just recently made the move back to my childhood roots, the cornfield state of Iowa. In Chicagoland from where we moved, the fall weather isn’t a big contrast to Iowa. Yet preparing for the changing temperature is always a transition, no matter how long you’ve lived in the Midwest. This fall, we have two new members in our family. Twin boys. Our oldest two are girls, therefore, we have had to pretty much change our complete baby wardrobe and then double it because, well, there are two of them.

When I’m looking for clothes, there are a few things from an outfit that are on the top of my list. The price needs to be within a good affordable range because I will repeat, I have twins, and the quality needs to last the appropriate timeframe and then some. 

Oh, and it needs to be cute. Let’s not forget that. Which is the first box that I’ll check off for the new Hooded Flannel from Little Bipsy. This modern styled flannel comes in sizes that will fit your newborn (can you image a newborn in this adorable hooded flannel!), all the way to adult sizes as well. If you are into the mini-me styles that are hopping nowadays, Little Bipsy is a website you’ll want to check out. Your whole family could match in a modern fashion. Not too many stores with children’s clothes leaves me thinking I’d want the exact same outfit, but Little Bipsy does. The Hooded Flannels I got for the boys are a new favorite of mine now. I got their two flannel colors as a mix match for my twin boys, one being pewter and the other being a lighter color they call mushroom.

This flannel comes in at $32 for your 0 months to 6 years old sizes, then $34 for the remaining 7-10 year sizes. Their adult sizes are about $45. Price wise, these flannels are on the higher end of what I would normally spend. Double of everything starts to really add up. But a flannel is different from a typical onesie. It’s the kind of clothing that I’m going to always stuff into the diaper bag in case the sunny fall day turns a bit chilly. The colors of these flannels I’ve found can be paired well with your other neutrals. Little blue jeans or baby sweats, topped over a simple onesie. It can really pull an outfit together. I have also mentioned in a previous review that I’m a minimalistic type of person. Therefore, investing in one jacket versus 10 is my way of doing things. So these flannels have been that go-to jacket for the boys anytime we leave the house.

After I looked over their website, I was also impressed with the making of their clothing. These days, the cheapest of clothing will usually be made unethically. Little Bipsy has personal connections with a small family business overseas that makes all their clothing. Though I’d love to see it USA made, their situation is another great option to see.

My twins wearing the hooded flannels from Little Bitsy while discovering leaves. Shot with a Canon.

My boys are 8 months old and are currently wearing some onesies that are sized 6 months and others that are sized 12 months. Don’t you love how baby clothes are all sized differently? So I liked that Little Bipsy gave a wider range in sizing. My flannels are sized 6-12 months. At the moment, they have room for my boys to grow. There are snaps around the wrist that allow those little baby fingers to be out and ready to grab all my hair, even while the sleeves are still a bit long. I’m quite sure the sleeve length will be fine as my boys get closer to 12 months old, but the trunk of the jacket may get tight. That will probably depend on how long these boys of mine wait to crawl, which at the moment they are taking their good old time. Reviews on their website repeatedly state to size up in the adult jackets, especially if you want an over-sized look.

Lastly, the quality. The material on these flannels is smooth, being that it is 100% cotton inside and out. I find some soft fabrics to give you that sweaty feel after wearing it awhile, which isn’t what this will do for you. It is thick enough to help shield off the cold wind, yet thin enough to not be overheated on a 50 degree day. In full disclosure, I did have one of the snaps pop off. But I have pulled and tugged at the others and they seem very secure which makes me believe it to be simply an one off maker mishap versus a big red flag for the designing in general.

So if you are looking for some gender neutral, modern pieces for your kids and some for yourself to match them, I’d recommend checking out Little Bipsy.