Is The Rocket the ultimate tennis racquet bag?

I’m an amateur tennis player at best. However, with the recent conclusion of the US Open I want to play like a pro. Well, let’s be honest… and realistic. I at least want to look like a pro (I will even settle for passing as someone who knows what they are doing). So when I get the opportunity to elevate my tennis game and try The Rocket tennis bag – I’m all in! The Rocket by Tennis C Williams is designed by pros who wanted a highly durable bag that is stylish, understated, and thoughtfully designed for recreational players and professionals alike.

First Impression:

I take The Rocket bag from its box and am immediately impressed. The Rocket just has the stylish and sleek look I want. I especially like the form shape, tailored design, and how the zippered pockets and compartments are discrete and subtle. Not only does it look great, but it is incredibly durable.

I start opening various zippers to get to know the bag. I am surprised to find little icons in each compartment. Simply genius. Each compartment has an icon designating what gear it is designed to house. Racquet, clothing, phone, sunglasses, first aid items, water bottles, personal items and tablet, tennis balls, etc. It has a pocket or compartment for just about everything I can think of or need. It is so simple, but it makes me feel smarter and that much more confident in preparing to hit the courts.


With my bag loaded and gear stowed I head to the courts. I get lots of compliments on my bag, which is always a good feeling. More importantly, I feel put together and ready to play because I know I have everything I need and how to quickly locate it. Mentally, I am just locked in without the usual distractions that accompany lugging all your equipment and trying to find a place for everything. An extra bonus is the clasp on the top of The Rocket bag that lets me attach it to the chain link fence. I like that I have all of my things accessible, but also safely out of the way of play.

After playing my sets, I load my shoes in the bottom compartment. It keeps my shoes from the rest of my gear and also has a vent so they can air out. The separate compartment for my clothing is lined so everything else in my bag stays dry and odor free. I like that the Rocket is not only fashionable, but with all of these advantages and features is extremely functional.


The Rocket is made from 1680D ballistic nylon, has self-mending YKK zippers, and advanced lining materials. This means my racquets are protected even in extreme temperatures, and that the Rocket will stand up to rigorous use. Additionally, all the clasps, straps, buckles, and clips are heavy duty so I don’t worry about something giving out in clutch moments when I need them most.

The features on The Rocket bag are impressive. It has capacity for six racquets and a thermal lined racquet pocket. It also comes with hide-able backpack straps, ventilated wet pocket with anti-microbial lining, thermal lined pocket for beverages and food storage, and an easy to access neoprene water bottle pocket. If that wasn’t enough, the Rocket has color-coded zippers and user-friendly icons that help you find your stuff. It even has a patent pending Rocket Pocket for my iPhone, wallet, and keys! I only wish it had some handbag feet or bottom studs for additional stability and durability when standing it on the ground.


The Rocket is truly unlike any tennis racquet bag made. Ever. In fact, it might just be the last tennis bag you’ll ever need to buy. I love how The Rocket makes me look smart and like I know what I am doing. The zippers are color-coded so I know exactly where my items are located without having to rummage around. Each pocket and compartment has an icon inside the pocket so I know how to organize my gear to optimize my bag. Tennis enthusiasts will love how every feature is purposeful and functional. The Rocket tennis bag is smart, durable, and stylish – and it just might be the ultimate tennis racquet bag!

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