Stokke Clikk review: A portable, full-sized highchair in just 3 clicks

I have spent countless hours online researching baby products for our four children over the years. I have often tried to go without some of the usual baby gear because I didn’t want to clutter our home with more “stuff”. A diaper cream spatula? I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty! Baby wipe warmers? My bidet isn’t even that fancy! But one thing I couldn’t go without was a highchair. We have now tried four different types, ranging from a tabletop seat, chair seats, and even the classic IKEA highchair. I can tell you that the Stokke Clikk highchair has been my all-time favorite.

A photo of my twins using the Clikk highchairs.

The Stokke Clikk gets its name because it only takes a few “clikks” before it’s ready to use. Quite literally, you click on the four legs, click on the footrest, click in the tray and you’re done! I love an unboxing process that is so simple, I don’t even have to look at the instructions. I did a glance to make sure I was placing the footrest correctly and that was it. With the Clikk highchair, you’re able to purchase a travel bag as well. Even with this, it was easy to find where each piece fits best into the bag. There are specific sleeves for the legs and an open design for the rest to fall into. There’s room to spare, so feel free to throw in their plates, bibs, and utensils as well! Clicking the highchair apart is as easy as setting it up. We love camping in the summer and I can already tell you that these travel bags will be perfect for storing our highchairs in the RV. Perhaps, it will help convince my husband that camping with one-year-old twins isn’t impossible.

I find the Stokke Clikk to be as condensed in size as you can get for a high chair. Being that we need two for our twins, I can even stack them for additional space by removing the tray on one and stacking it on top of the other. This isn’t super stable, but it works for our limited space. The chairs are very lightweight, coming in at 10 pounds each, and can hold a child up to 33 pounds. I slide these chairs all over my kitchen with ease, even when a baby is seated.

The Clikk highchairs stacked in my kitchen for extra space.

I like to use the harness when I know I’ll be busy with things in the kitchen and won’t have my eyes on the babies the whole time. This assures me that they can’t crawl out. If you’d like to put them in the chair without the tray, this is an even better time to use the harness. The harness is also machine washable, which you will need for sure! If your kids are bigger, you can easily remove the harness. I don’t always use the harness, since the tray also has a piece that comes down between the baby’s legs so they can’t slip through.

I always had the hardest time when it came to baby products that would only be used for a few months and then would be stored away or donated. The Stokke Clikk will shift as your child grows, which is wonderful! This is the first highchair we have owned that I find would be comfortable even for a three-year-old. The footrest can shift for longer legs. When the tray is removed, there are no awkward pieces between the legs that an older child may not like.

The only thing I could find that was a bit hard was clicking on and off the tray. It doesn’t slip off easily, mostly due to the highchair being so lightweight. There are levers to squeeze but you will need to press your knee against the chair to remove the tray or press your arm on the back to click it on. It isn’t so difficult that I wouldn’t buy the chair because of it, but something to note.

Photo of my twins enjoying their snack.

The cleanup has been super simple. The old seats we were using had a foam cushion inside that was easily removed for washing but made extra steps to clean up time. The Stokke Clikk can be wiped down in a second and I rarely need to remove the trays for deeper cleaning. Even the messier meals with tomato sauce are wiped away in seconds. The footrest will collect food on the sides where it’s hard to reach with a rag, so to best clean off that part you will need to remove the footrest. But that’s a simple click off and on, so it isn’t a big deal for me.

Stokke has a few accessories you can add to your highchair in addition to the travel bag I mentioned. There is a cushion for $40 and an ezpz placemat for $30 that fits perfectly with the Clikk tray. The Stokke Clikk retails for $180 and if that price feels too much for you, just remember that Stokke is known for making things last, as well as this chair works past your child’s first and even second year of life. A great addition to a baby registry, in my opinion.

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