New Brunt Toe Marin boot review: Functional innovation

The BRUNT Toe Marin adds a new stylish look to the Marin family. Opening the box evokes similar sentiments to the first time I saw a pair of Marin boots. I recognize the same quality, thoughtfulness to detail, and winning features that originally captured my attention. Not to mention the alluring aroma of leather! Yet this version of the Marin boot is fitted with the new BRUNT Toe (which also includes a composite nano safety toe).

I find the BRUNT Toe is extremely comfortable and appreciate that the premium insoles have a nonstick top layer. I love how the insoles have a memory foam middle layer and cushy bottom layer for all day comfort. The durable rubber foam midsole is lightweight and shock-absorbing which provides me with the support I need for virtually any activity. Like the other Marin styles, they come with removable inserts to adjust to my foot width and preference.


The BRUNT Toe is an innovative patent pending technology which provides extra protection for the boot toe and heel. The exterior toe cap protects the toe of my boot from wearing out, and they also have a heel plate to protect the backside. I immediately experience how this feature provides extra protection when I am working or using my boots as a tool. Normally my boot toes get scuffed and wear out more quickly as they are consistently scraping or banging into objects. Additionally, when I have projects that require a lot of time working from a kneeled position the Marin BRUNT Toe works great to protect the toes from excessive wear and tear.

Photo Credit: Brunt


The major feature of these boots is the BRUNT Toe. In addition to the extra toe cap, the nano composite safety toe gives me lightweight toe protection for the tasks that need it (without the drawbacks of steel). They also come loaded with other great assets. I personally love that they have triple-layer waterproofing and are made of full-grain leather with double-stitching in the critical spots. The pass-through or wrap-around lace hooks have heavy-duty eyelets so I can lace them up based on my preference or need.

The BRUNT Toe is designed with safety in mind as well. They are electrical hazard rated and meet ASTM F2892-18 standards for those that need it. The built-in oil and slip resistant industry leading rubber-skinned sole keep my feet secure on virtually any surface. At six inches in height, there is plenty of ankle support. I find that the ankles take a little longer to break-in than the rest of the boot, but overall are more flexible and comfortable out of the box compared to other work boots. True to their design, the BRUNT Toe is for everyone needing that extra protection on the job.


Brunt is establishing itself as a trusted source for clothing and gear that functions as a necessary tool. Whether that be their stylish shirts, or their functional and durable pants and shorts. The BRUNT Toe Marin continues this trend with its new and innovative patent pending technology. The toe guard gives extra features without sacrificing comfort or performance. These are ideal for anyone looking for extra protection, working on the ground, or using their boot as a tool. The innovative BRUNT Toe Marin combines uncompromising function with unbeatable comfort.

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