ThereaICE Headache Relief Cap review: It hurts so good

We all know headaches are inconvenient. They linger and taunt, they pound and drill. Migraines are even worse. About five years ago, migraines introduced themselves to my life. I’m not sure why, but they hit, and they hit hard giving me intense localized pain right behind either of my eyes. I’ve tried new chairs, oils, pillows, and lots of Ibuprofen. Each brings some temporary relief, but there really is no “cure”. Or is there? TheraICE argues that there is.

The Details

Outside of a shower, I’ve never thought about how else to relieve a headache naturally. Sometimes heat helps, sometimes it doesn’t. I’ve never tried ice. The TheraICE headache relief cap offers either option. TheraICE sent me both a black and a pink cap. Both are made of the same materials, and the only true difference is the color.

Prior to putting it in the freezer or microwave, I slip the cap over my head and realize how perfect it fits. The stretchable material forms perfectly to my head (it could work great on arms or legs too) and makes me curious how well it will work once I get a headache. If all else fails, I could always use it as a sleep mask I think to myself. It is super comfortable, and after freezing it, I’m please the ice pack inside doesn’t harden up. It is equally comfortable around my head and over my eyes frozen as any other temp.

The fit, feel, and quality are just right. Now for the real test. Does it work?


Like I said, when I get a headache, they hit me hard. I’m sick of draining the ibuprofen bottle, so I’m really hoping this sucker does the trick. I toss it in the freezer, and when my first migraine takes form, I place it on my head, pull it down over my eyes, lay on the couch and wait. I can only handle it for about 2 minutes. The cold is so painful on my eyes (almost like a brain freeze) they feel numb. I take it off. I go through a process of on and off as long as I can handle it, and as I do this, sweet relief does come.

The simple fact that I can pull it down over my eyes to help ease pain is a fantastic feature. Sometimes the headaches still come back, but the temporary relief is wonderful. The majority of the time though, the cap helps immensely and reduces the intensity of my migraines. Now, I always keep the cap in my freezer just in case.

Knowing I can pop it into the microwave to get some heat is excellent as well. I get a bit more relief from the cold than hot, but it honestly depends on the type of headache I have and where it stems from. There is peace of mind knowing I have an additional defense. I’m super grateful to have the caps as an option for pain relief.


The TheraICE headache relief cap is the perfect addition to my repertoire of headache defense. It is a fantastic option to help me relax, ease tension, and relieve the worst of migraines. I always have it on deck since you never know when a tough headache may spring up. See you later ibuprofen.

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