Verilux HappyLight Duo review: A low-cost light therapy and task lamp

Cost is always a deciding factor when it comes to product selection. With the  Verilux HappyLight Duo lamp, there are plenty of more expensive options, but after testing one for several weeks, it casts a nice wide light that makes it easier to read, do detailed work or just enjoy the extra light shining down on you in the winter months. And, it costs only $130.

The lamp serves two purposes, one is related to doing detailed tasks. For me, that meant doing an activity shown on the Verilux HappyLight Duo box itself — a puzzle. Because the lamp casts a wide light, it made it much easier to work on a card table with a puzzle. I’ve used much more expensive Dyson lamps before that are meant for detailed task work, but this lamp (at a much lower cost) actually has a wider light across the whole working area.

The other purpose is more therapeutic. I have seen studies that suggest this type of light therapy does help with the winter blahs. At the same time, I’m also incredulous about it myself, mostly because there is more to light therapy than the actual light. When you go for a walk in sunlight, it not only improves your mood because of the sunlight but also because you are breathing fresh air, moving around, and getting out of the house.

That said, I enjoyed using the HappyLight and did feel like it improved my mood. I tend to get a little antsy in winter, and like to keep the lights on in the house. I don’t struggle with depression, but winter does get to be a long season. I liked having the light on the brightest setting, and experimented with the different brightness and temperature levels.

The lamp uses LED light, and I can attest to the brilliance and clarity of the actual light. For reading, it was like the words suddenly appeared more crisp on the page, especially with a cleaner and less “yellow” temperature. 

The gooseneck lamp can be adjusted quickly for puzzle-making sessions, helping with just the right angle to see the pieces and all across the entire table. You can raise and lower the lamp stand as well to help with a more focused light right down at your eye-level or high above for the entire room to cast a warm glow over everything around you. 

The stand is heavy and the entire lamp weighs just over 18 pounds, so it stays put on the floor and doesn’t teeter or act like it is going to fall over. Assembling the lamp was easy and quick and only involved an allen wrench and a few parts you connect together. At 64-inches tall, the lamp works for multiple purposes such as playing cards and doing puzzles, but also for lighting a room if you bend the main lamp out toward the room.

I mostly was impressed by the cost, because $130 is quite a bit less than most task lamps and light therapy lamps I’ve tested over the years. In some cases, I feel these products sometimes raise the price because of the health benefits, when in reality it is mostly a lamp you use for reading or doing puzzles. That’s why $70 seems reasonable to me for the various settings you have, the adjustable neck, and the bright light for doing work. Overall, I highly recommend it as a product that helps you in winter but also helps brighten a room.

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