Tribit FlyBuds C1 Pro and MoveBuds H1 review: Matching earbuds to your everyday needs

Earbuds are almost a necessary accessory today. Whether you are a student prepping for finals in a coffee house, hitting the gym or trail for some exercise, someone who loves music, or being able to take a call on the go, we all like to keep our hands free to multi-task. Like most people, I love the freedom and flexibility earbuds provide. However, as the frequency we utilize earbuds increase, so does the importance of the fit, function, and features. The FlyBuds C1 Pro and the MoveBuds H1 by Tribit are the perfect example of matching your earbud to your needs and activities.

FlyBuds C1 Pro

Photo Credit: TriBit


From the case to the earbuds, the FlyBuds C1 Pro just have a solid and durable feel to them. I find this reassuring, especially considering how many midrange earbuds today have a dollar store quality feel to them. I like the slightly textured case which gives me greater confidence that they won’t unnecessarily slip from my grasp. Additionally, the earbuds are secured with what seems like a slightly magnetic feature. This keeps them in place until I am ready to use them. I wear these for hours on end without any irritation or discomfort. The ear tips form a comfortable seal and they come with six sets of eargels, so just about everyone will find the fit they want. While it could just be my ears, I find I have to intermittently adjust them in my ears.


The sound quality was better than other earbuds I’ve used. The sound comes through clearly, with a robust range that produces an enjoyable listening experience. I use them primarily in coffee shops, or when I’m working and need to drown out some background noise. I like that they come with three settings, normal, noise-canceling, and ambient. In general, I have low expectations for noise-canceling features on earbuds, however the FlyBuds C1 Pro do a decent job. I personally cannot distinguish much of a difference between the normal mode and the noise cancelling mode.

What is most impressive is the patented physical button versus the typical touch feature you get with other earbuds. I absolutely loved this feature and it truly makes these earbuds way more functional in everyday use. With just a click I can pause a song or answer an incoming call. Using a triple click on the right earbud allows me to rotate through the three modes (normal, noise-canceling, and ambient). A triple click on the left earbud activates my voice assistance. Additionally, I can scroll through songs using the double click on the left earbud to go to the previous track, or a double click on the right to go to the next track.


The FlyBuds C1 Pro come with an abundance of features. They come equipped with an advanced, high-resolution Qualcomm aptX decoder, which allows for 16bit audio support with a 48Khz sampling frequency. This means an ultra-clear, lifelike CD-quality listening experience. They also have four built-in mics and Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) feature for powerful noise cancelation (my experience is it was just about what I’ve experienced with others noise-canceling earbuds). One of the features I really appreciated is the battery life. I love that they last for eight hours on a single charge. The fact that I get an additional 28 hours of use from the charging case for 36-hour long playtime is amazing. (And it only takes two hours to fully charge the case!) Also, if I am in a pinch a quick ten-minute charge will give me 1.5-hour playtime. However, my favorite feature by far is the physical button (love this!).

MoveBuds H1:


While the FlyBuds C1 Pro are more of an all-purpose everyday earbud, the MoveBuds H1 are designed with the active person in mind. These sport earbuds have an ear hook that keep them in place regardless of my activity (or how much I am perspiring). As I take them from the case, I again note the quality craftsmanship that I am experiencing from these Tribit products. The first time I put them on I am immediately aware of the secure fit – they just feel planted on my ears.

Initially, I don’t care much for the fit. The over ear mount sits on the backside of my ear, adding pressure in a way that makes me feel like my ears are sticking out. My original desire for a fit is to have the over ear piece sit close and snug to my head behind the ear. However, after a few more wears I notice the ear issue less, and realize this fit keeps them in place without being dislodged by my head movements. Overall, I find them well-fitting enough that during extended wears I am not even thinking about the fact I am wearing earbuds. (A sign to me that these are truly comfy). Although I was initially skeptical, I find these earbuds really comfortable and secure.


The MoveBuds H1 boast fusion comfort technology, which I find as an accurate description of their fit. They also come with endurance level sweatproof technology. I’m impressed that the ear tips are anti-bacterial, which is helpful with continuous use for working out and in gym settings. Not to mention they come with six sets of eargels for customized fitting. I appreciate that they have an ambient mode so I can be more aware of my surroundings on runs with traffic.

The sound comes through smoothly, solid, and full; clearly hitting the high, mid, and low-level frequencies. The button feature lets me easily navigate tracks, activate the voice assistant, and pause or take a phone call.

Due to their ear hook design, they come in a slightly large case. I love the ultra-long battery life 15 hours on a single charge, and up to 50 hours with charging case. The charging time is just 1.5 hours for the earbuds, and 2 hours to charge the case.


With an IPX8 rating the waterproof capability is enough to even allow me a dip in the pool. (However, they are not recommended for swimming because the Bluetooth is inhibited from connecting through the water – I didn’t even attempt this). So, they handle even my sweatiest workouts. They are equipped with Bluetooth 5.2 and work with AAC, AptX, and SBC Bluetooth codecs (impressive for this earbud price point). The Tribit MoveBuds H1 are equipped with an abundance of features. As mentioned earlier, the anti-bacterial ear tips, ear gripping design, transparency mode, and APT-X High-quality audio.


The FlyBuds C1 Pro come equipped with an abundance of features, but by far the patented physical button is the most unique and useful. The fit is slightly above average for earbuds, and comfortable for long stretches of use. Functionally, they aren’t my first choice for working out or any type of movement activity. However, they work especially well for studying at a coffee shop, or in a work setting. The FlyBuds C1 Pro are quality earbuds which provide great sound for everyday use.

The MoveBuds H1 exude quality and comfort. With an abundance of extra features and specific designs for activity these earbuds are ideal for sports and the athlete. (Or even those of us just hanging on and trying to stay in shape). One of my favorite features is the long-lasting battery.

Tribit is distinguishing itself with earbuds that fit comfortably, provide quality sound, include features well above their class, and all the battery life you desire. With offerings like the FlyBuds C1 Pro and the MoveBuds H1 you’ll have no trouble matching your earbud to your needs and activities.

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