The Down Alternative Featherbed Topper, the first step to achieving hotel-level comfort in your own home

You know the feeling of being at your favorite hotel, where the sheets are perfectly crisp and the towels are nice and fluffy? Even better, the first time you get to crawl into bed, and the mattress just melts the tension away from your body? Recently, I’ve been trying to recreate that same effect in my own room. There’s nothing better than that feeling, why not have it in your very own home?

I knew my first step needed to start at the core: my mattress. While it wasn’t feasible or practical to replace my entire mattress, I knew I needed something better. That’s where Saatva’s Down Alternative Featherbed Topper comes in. It’s the perfect addition that will create that hotel quality feel I’ve been searching for. 

First Impressions

I knew the moment I pulled the topper out of its package that it would be just what I needed. First of all, I immediately noticed the cooling effect of the product. As a hot sleeper, this is always something I search for. It is also decently thick and plush to the touch, making me want to try it out as soon as possible. 

Something unique about this mattress topper is the easy to use elastic anchor bands that are found on each of the four corners. Past mattress toppers I’ve used have been in the form of a fitted sheet, always making it a hassle to take it on and off. This was a breeze to get on and assured me that it would not shift around over time. 

What I like about it

The Down Alternative Featherbed Topper is one of Saatva’s premium featherbed mattress toppers and is made with a hypoallergenic down alternative. I like that it was created to add a plush, luxurious effect without needing to sacrifice support. The blend is made of an ultra-plush 3D down alternative fiber that is both moisture wicking and breathable. I appreciate knowing that this product is made to last as it features a high quality steeple percale cotton cover made in 200 thread count. Also, the mattress topper is certifiably free of harmful chemicals, meaning safer and healthier sleep. 

The reason I chose to review this mattress topper in particular is because it was actually curated for side sleepers. It was intentionally made to support a specific sleeping style, something I appreciate. My back has definitely struggled with aches and stiffness through the years. I usually attribute this to insufficient support from my mattress. While I’ve been testing out this product, my back has felt much more supported. I also personally notice a big difference throughout the day in terms of tension and stiffness.

Another pro about this product is that it can actually add life to your mattress. Not only did I notice a dramatic increase in my comfort at night, it also protects the longevity of my mattress, saving me time and money. 

Final thoughts

This is a huge win for me. The Down Alternative Featherbed Topper greatly increases my sleep satisfaction, and in doing so, makes me feel more well rested and energized throughout the day. If you are similarily looking for hotel-level updates, this could be just the think for you.