The Stoic Groundwork Sleeping Bag: 20F, perfect for your next chilly night

As a novice camper, I’ve been working to slowly build my collection of camping and hiking gear. Growing up, I enjoyed basic camping with my family. It wasn’t until I met my husband that I started to get more serious about building my experience level. Over the last few years, we’ve tried different types of camping, from packing an extensive menu of foods and all our comfort items to packing as light as possible so we could hike to a more remote location. With his gear that he’s collected over his lifetime, to my very minimal collection, we are starting to create a nice assortment of gadgets and items, not so neatly organized in our garage. 

As my comfort and skills levels grow, I’ve come to realize a new bucket list item for myself: winter camping. While this definitely exposes how much of a novice I am, I feel like it’s a natural next step that will increase my confidence in the camping world. However, I noticed that there were some gaps in our gear repertoire. That’s why I was so excited to finally receive the Stoic Groundwork Sleeping Bag: 20F Synthetic. While the winter temps have not dropped significantly low quite yet, I was able to test this out on some chilly autumn nights this past weekend and definitely have some thoughts to share. 

First impressions

The Stoic Groundwork Sleeping Bag comes in a relatively small black stuff sack. I immediately noticed the straps and buckles on the outside. Using these, it would prove to be easy to pack away and then compress by tightening the buckles. While taking out the sleeping bag,  I noticed how comfortable the fabric felt. It is soft to the touch and packed with light, insulating material. In my experience, some sleeping bags can feel almost slippery or sweat-inducing. Glad to report that the fabric felt both insulating and comfortable at the same time.

While using the sleeping bag, I felt as cozy as ever. It was perfect for late fall nights and I could tell it would hold up well with even colder temperatures. I liked how the hood of the sleeping bag protected against any drafts and fit my head perfectly. Using a cord, I was able to pull the hood even tighter if the weather called for it. I also noticed a hidden pocket within the sleeping bag that would be perfect for your cell phone or flashlight. 

I will share that at times, the zipper did not function as smoothly as I had hoped and had gotten stuck on a few occasions. With a more careful approach, there would be less of an issue. 

An added bonus: I absolutely love the dark olive/green moss color mine came in. The style reflects a nature inspired color palette that also is stylish and unique. 


The Groundwork Sleeping Bag: 20F Synthetic is a lightweight sleeping bag intended for cool nights. The fabric is conditioned with a water-repellent treatment that makes shaking off dirt and moisture a breeze. The Thermolite Synthetic insulation gives me peace of mind knowing it will still perform in potentially wet weather. The mummy style sleeping bag will certainly make you feel nicely cocooned on cold nights, especially with the draft collar. The stuff size is 15.5×10 inches and weighs around 3lbs and 3.2 oz. It would be easy to bring along for some minor backpacking or could also be effortlessly attached to a pack.

As seen in the name, it has a 20 degree Fahrenheit limit and would work nicely in the transitional period between fall and winter. One of my favorite parts about this sleeping bag is the price point. As mentioned before, as someone who is slowly building their collection, price matters to me. Full price, this item is $79, an affordable option considering the quality and competition prices. Currently, it’s on sale for 45% off. 

Final thoughts

The Stoic Groundwork Sleeping Bag: 20F Synthetic was exactly what I was looking for. It comes at an affordable price, is made with intention, and performs well in those chillier conditions. This product filled a gap in my collection and will be perfect for any novices like me or more seasoned campers this winter.

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