Level up your health resolutions with real data: A Withing’s review

With the New Year comes the resolutions. I’m sure I am not alone when I say that leveling up my health is one of my top priorities in the year of 2024. To be honest, I’ve made this resolution before. While living a healthy lifestyle is a journey and something I always want to be pursuing, I knew I wanted to try something different this year. Not only do I want to keep my health as a top priority, I also want to learn more about my body and how it functions. With so many fad diets and gimmicks, I wanted to rely more on the facts. 

That’s why the Withing’s ScanWatch Light and Body Comp Scale combo stood out to me so much. I was intrigued by their self proclaimed cutting-edge body metrics. The system boasts that it levels up your health game by using the power of data. This spoke to me. I did not want to just rely on weight on the scale. I wanted a more holistic approach, something that measures health rather than simply weight loss. 

First impressions

I chose to test out tthe ScanWatch Light and the Body Comp Scale together using the Withings app. I felt like these two products matched what I was looking for, something simple but also high tech. Upon unboxing, I was impressed to say the least. Historically, I’ve been an Apple Watch user. While I love how it connects with my phone, I’ve been wanting to try something more stylish that can go with my everyday wardrobe. The ScanWatch Light has an elegant design that looks like a classic watch, but offers so much more. 

The app is user-friendly and I liked how you can personalize it to your own goals. Within 30 minutes, I had my Scanwatch Light and Body Comp Scale paired and ready to go. 

What I like about it

My favorite thing about this system is that it works seamlessly together to offer the most accurate data. The Scanwatch Light stores a 30 day charge, meaning it’s constantly gathering insights. This was different for me, I was used to charging my watch on a daily basis. Now, I can take that extra step out of my nightly routine. It also meant I could track my sleep along with my heart rate and daily steps. This was seriously a game changer. I was able to make actual, tangible changes that produced real results, just by checking out Withing’s interpretation of my sleep score. Getting better sleep meant I was more charged for an active lifestyle and a better recovery. 

The scale also provided the most interesting information. The Body Comp scale offers a complete body assessment, measuring your body’s composition, water percentage statistics, cardiovascular insights, and Electrodermal Activity Score that can help measure overall health. There’s nothing cooler than getting a real look at your body’s percentages of muscle, general fat, visceral fat, water, and bone mass. I felt like these numbers allowed me to get a more accurate snapshot into my health compared to other scales on the market. 

Final Thoughts

Using the ScanWatch Light and the Body Comp Scale with the Withings App gave me the insights I needed and a real way to track my progress. I used the free version of the Withings app, although there is a membership available for a monthly fee. I do wish that I had access to more of the insights without the extra cost. However the free version definitely did the trick for me. 

The ScanWatch Light and the Body Comp Scale work as a system in a way I have never experienced before. I love that I can pursue healthier living with information that offers a larger, more holistic perspective rather than solely focused on weight. This combination is easy to use and I found myself looking forward to checking my health insights on a daily basis. If you are on a similar path, the Withing’s ScanWatch Light and Body Comp Scale might just be the right fit for you. 

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