Most comfortable men’s pants of fall 2023? Duer’s No Sweat and Smart Stretch Pants

While I love covering the latest consumer tech such as the latest Apple events (How about that event Apple fans), the latest gaming monitors, and even “kidult” premium water guns, I ultimately keep in mind Gearadical’s guiding principle: to review and test products that real people use in their everyday lives.

As a 6’ 2”, 200lb+ pound guy, finding men’s pants that look nice, feel good, and withstand the test of time and wear is no small feat. I do almost all my shopping for pants online (tall guys you know, you can’t find anything long enough in stores). I’m all about comfort, but I’m also about looking presentable and clean. Most pairs of pants I’ve found can sometimes do one of those things, but rarely both.

So, I reached out to some brands, including Duer, to see if they had products that could accomplish that goal. When looking for clothes, sometimes you just need a place to start and these four pairs are a great place to start.

Duer No Sweat Pant: The words ‘comfortable’ and ‘jeans’ finally go together

DUER, designed for “Do-ers” and go-getters exists to solve the problem most guys have with jeans: they’re uncomfortable. Duer uses a blend of plant-based and recycled materials to create a signature stretch feel, without the look of stretch or skinny jeans. To be completely honest, typically when I hear plant-based and recycled I’m not expecting a product that will hold up against the test of time. However, Duer exceeded my expectations of durability, comfort, and looks with the No Sweat Pant.

Duer’s No Sweats are true to their name. While I tested them, I wore them during a 90-degree/high humidity heat spell that lingered around Minnesota. I would never imagine wearing denim jeans or khakis in weather like that but these pants held up well and I felt comfortable even during a couple of extended outdoor walks.

The No Sweats come in a variety of colors for different wardrobe needs. You can dress them up with a collared shirt for the office or even dress them down and wear them around the house. These pants come in a slim or tapered variety. Another important attention to detail that Duer made was making these pants “developed for athletic builds”. For me, pants, specifically jeans just don’t fit right unless they have an athletic-esque taper.

The No Sweat pants come in at $135.00 on Amazon. While these are an investment, for many like me I’ve spent too much money on cheap pairs of pants that are not only uncomfortable but are not durable. I would recommend the No Sweat Pants for those looking for a high-quality, comfortable pair of denim-like jeans for multi-use application.

Duer Smart Stretch Dress Pant: Duer’s match to Lululemon ABC pants?

Very different to the No Sweat Pants, the Duer Smart Stretch Dress Pant are another everyday work/office slacks option. I’ve owned Lululemon’s men’s ABC pants for over a year now. They’re great, easy to dress up yet comfortable enough to wear more casually. Since then I have been looking for competitors who are able to match and hold their own against the ABCs. We do this all the time as consumers, we consider the value of a familiar product when accessing value proposition or value potential.

With that in mind I have high standards for “comfortable dress pants” that have been on the rise in recent years. Duer’s Smart Stretch Dress Pant are a close match to that. One feature I loved about these pants was the silicone lined waistband. This feature, designed for tucking in your shirts helps keep your dress shirt in place and secure throughout the day. The Smart Stretch’s also include a handy zippered pocket inside the front right hip pocket. Zippered pockets are clutch, especially when I’m headed into a busy metro area or in a large crowd. They provide a peace of mind that you can keep your valuables secured and stowed away.

While there’s some great things about these pants there are a few ways I’d like to see them improved. First, I felt the front pockets were just not spacious enough. With full pockets with keys, cell phone, wallet, etc. I simply wanted more space. Similarly, even in one of my favorite pairs, the Lululemon ABC’s, the pockets are not big enough. Secondly, the price of these pants at $149 is hefty. Overall however, the Smart Stretch Dress Pants are a solid option for those in search of comfortable fall office attire.