Lululemon’s RepelShell Cinch-Back Rain Jacket is the only rain jacket you need

If you are like me, you may be a little picky about certain things. One of those things for me are rain jackets. I’ve tried a wide variety. I’ve gone with the three dollar poncho you can get at a gas station to some seriously spendy options. My current go-to is quite simple. It’s easy to travel with and keeps me mostly dry, but it still feels like it falls short of what I really want.

So many of the ones I’ve had in the past seem to be duplicates of each other. They are waterproof, made of a thin, usually uncomfortable tarp-like material, and are pretty basic. Sure, they do the trick, but they don’t do much else. 

That’s why the Lululemon RepelShell Cinch-Back Rain Jacket stood out to me. This is not your usual rain jacket. It accomplishes what I’ve been looking for: a rain jacket that goes above and beyond.  

First impressions

I’m not going to lie, the first time I tried on the RepelShell Cinch-Back Rain Jacket, I wasn’t convinced. It felt like it was too boxy and did not fit right. However, little did I know is that it’s for a reason. The thing that I had yet to discover is that this coat is uniquely customizable. The inside features a drawstring, allowing you to “cinch” the inside of the coat, producing either a more snug or boxy look. I love the effect this gives to the back, it brings something different to the table. 

Additionally, I noticed that the sleeves were much more roomier than most rain jackets. At first I did not know how to feel about them. Then, I noticed clasps at the end of the sleeves, allowing the option to create a smaller opening at the end. Then it hit me: this is genius! One of my least favorite feelings is layering under a raincoat and feeling like my layers underneath are too tight against the jacket, making it hard to comfortably move my elbows. This completely solves this issue! I love that I can adjust the RepelShell Cinch-Back Rain Jacket to whatever situation I am in. 

Another favorite feature is the hidden phone sleeve inside one of the two zippered pockets. The phone sleeve is the perfect size, ensuring that your phone will stay in place no matter the activity.

What I like about it

The adjustable features on the RepelShell Cinch-Back Rain Jacket are hard to beat. The style is definitely a major step up from most raincoats and its functionality is top notch. The waterproof fabric is lined with a fleecy interior, meaning no uncomfortable materials against the skin. The thickness of the rain jacket also provides some substantial warmth, making it an easy throw-on layer in the autumn weather. The raincoat is designed to be on the move with you, it won’t drag you down. Back vents allow for breathability while also keeping the coat waterproof and windproof. 

The fit is definitely relaxed. I actually sized it down and found that it was perfect. It’s snug enough to wear on its own, but roomy enough to layer underneath if needed. The raincoat hit at hip length and was actually long enough in the arms, a rarity for someone tall like me. 

Overall thoughts

The Lululemon RepelShell Cinch-Back Rain Jacket is a great choice for someone looking for an elevated raincoat. It’s a beautiful mixture of functionality and style, complete with well thought out, adjustable features. Add this to your collection for all your fall endeavors.